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RUSH: I guess you’ve heard that Jenna Bush is getting married, and the Drive-Bys, in reporting this wonderful, blessed event — because we all love it when young people get that first start toward ruining their lives. They can’t help… I’m just kidding. Yes, I am! I’m just kidding. At any rate, they can’t help bashing her. This is from this morning on the Early Show. Co-host Harry Smith on CBS had this exchange with Katrina Szish from InStyle magazine.

BROWN: Of the two, I mean the girls had some reputation for a little while from —

SZISH: Sure. Sure.

BROWN — the University of Texas. They got around a little bit.

SZISH: Mmm-hmm.

BROWN: Was she the wild one?

SZISH: Usually (giggle) Jenna has been considered the wild one. She went to the University of Texas whereas Barbara went to Yale —

BROWN: Mmm-hmm.

SZISH: — who is a little bit more straitlaced. (gasp) Um, you know, Jenna is the spunky one who sticks her tongue out at the cameras.

BROWN: Ah-hah.

SZISH: But she’s clearly settled down —

BROWN: Right.

SZISH: — and Henry has reeled her in.

RUSH: ‘Henry has reeled her in.’ The husband has reeled her in, or the groom, the future, whatever. (Laughing.) Is that how it happens? (Laughing.) You know, I can’t help it. I have a cable TV, networks on in here, and more and more we’re getting these sources like InStyle magazine. What does it take to be a writer for InStyle magazine? They’re groupies, and they’re given credit for being fabulous journalists and so forth. They’re just groupies that work at magazines! They get to hang around and write about and probe into the private lives of public figures.

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