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RUSH: Charles in Shreveport, Louisiana, home of Terry Bradshaw, Howell Sutton, and David Toms. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Optimistic dittos from Louisiana.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: This confused humble student has a question for the honored professor.

RUSH: I’ll be happy to answer it.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. It’s a proven fact that tax cuts always increase revenues to the state or federal government. This being a fact, why do liberals always oppose them, when economically they will have more to spend on their precious social programs and giveaways?

RUSH: That, my friend, is a very insightful question, a very brilliant question.

CALLER: It’s bothered me for years, Rush.

RUSH: Well, you’ve called the right place. I myself used to wonder about this. I answer this question periodically because this needs a lot of repetition, because we’re all sucked in, seduced to believing that the Democrats love spending money, and the more they could get, the better. Look at the revenue just pouring into Washington in an unexpected amount, reducing the size of the annual deficit, why do they look at these tax cuts and say, we got to stop this? Because here’s the answer. They care about something more than spending money. And it’s close, you know, first and second here. They want control over as many people’s lives as possible, Charles. If they have to borrow the money to spend it, they’ll do that, they’ll run the deficit up or what have you. They want control. Look, these are liberals. They’re not full-fledged supporters of the capitalist system. They believe that what’s made the country great is government programs run by them. They don’t know that what’s made the country great is the people, the people who make the country work with freedom, less regulation, free to pursue their ambitions and their desires with all the energy they want. Those things threaten liberals.

People that cannot be controlled threaten liberals. The idea of being able to control as many people as possible is rooted in controlling them economically. So you take a lot of money from them, and you reduce their ability to have disposable income and be free and so forth, and you make them more dependent on government programs so that they will then become accustomed to it and then end up voting Democrat. That’s the plan, and it’s been this way since Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal.

CALLER: So it’s not economics driven, it’s power driven?

RUSH: It’s power driven. It is not economic —

CALLER: I gotcha. Thank you so much, sir.

RUSH: My pleasure.

CALLER: Love you to death.

RUSH: Happy to help. I understand.

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