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RUSH: You know what, folks? I think it’s time for a new name for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, and until it changes, until the way he’s being treated by the Drive-Bys changes, I’m going to start calling him ‘Barack O’McNabb.’ I’ll tell you why. He’s out there saying some of the most ridiculous things. McNabb doesn’t say ridiculous things, don’t misunderstand, but Obama is saying some of the most ridiculous, dangerous things. What he said about US troops bombing and killing civilians in Afghanistan, I really took him to task earlier this week over that, but nobody else is. He’s got all kinds of statements out there that are really impolitic and irresponsible, and the Drive-Bys say, ‘Well, I’ll tell you what he’s trying to accomplish. He’s trying to set himself apart from Mrs. Clinton.’ So there is such a desire in the Drive-Bys that Obama do well, like there is in the NFL for people like McNabb to do well, that we’re going to call him ‘Barack O’McNabb.’

Now, it may be starting to change. We go to the audio sound bites here. This morning on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts spoke with George Stephanopoulos, the ex-Clinton advisor who now has his own ABC show (I’m still holding out for that offer to Karl Rove from one of the networks to get a gig like Stephanopoulos has), and she said, ‘Obama, a little extra pressure on Sunday, George?’

STEPHANOPOULOS: On this question of the experience it takes to be president, look at these numbers: 80% of voters believe that Hillary Clinton has the experience it takes to be president —

RUSH: Stop the tape! Eighty percent of the voters in this country are thus idiots!

STEPHANOPOULOS: — only 41% of the voters believe that Barack Obama has the experience it takes to be president. He’s been pummeled on these issues over the last couple of weeks.

RUSH: By who?

STEPHANOPOULOS: What he’s going to try to do on Sunday, Robin, is turn it around, a Jiu-Jitsu move, where he says all this criticism coming in is just the same old conventional wisdom in Washington. It’s time for fundamental change.

RUSH: We have that. We’ve got that story. So the Democrats have their Sunday morning debate, for which they have a large audience because Democrats usually on Sunday mornings are at home. The Republican debate Sunday morning, of course, nobody saw it because they’re in church. Democrats don’t believe in that, separation of church and state. If you have your political candidates on Sunday morning on TV, you can’t go to church without it being a violation of the Constitution. So, anyway, 80% of voters believe that Hillary has the experience it takes. That’s stunning. That is a sheer testament to the puffball coverage of Mrs. Clinton and her husband ever since the early Nineties. What experience can you cite? What has she done? What really has she done? We’ve been through this. You know all this. What is it that recommends her? She’s a victim. ‘She stood by her husband. She had to go to Arkansas. She had to give up her whole future to go to the hayseed, hick state of Arkansas,’ as far as the libs are concerned. She’s never been an executive or run anything, is exactly right. (sigh) You know all this. We’ve been through this.

Back to Obama — or O’McNabb, sorry, Barack O’McNabb — ‘who accepts special interest money and played poker with lobbyist pals as an Illinois lawmaker, acknowledged Thursday that he swims in ‘the same muddy water’ that corrupts Washington, but he pledged to reform the system if elected president. Presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘doesn’t recognize the problem,’ Obama told The Associated Press. ‘I have a bunch of friends who were state lobbyists. The fact of the matter is … I played poker with them, so I don’t think that lobbyists are evil,’ said the first-term Illinois senator. ‘I just think they’ve got an agenda and you got to be clear about that, and not pretend that they don’t.” So he’s going to bring a new voice to Washington. I’ve never heard that position before, and then, in the New York Times. ‘Obama Takes Sharper Tone to the Trail’ is the headline of the New York Times, and in this story it’s really Michelle Obama who is going after Hillary on ‘truth’ and the ability of Hillary to ‘run her own house.’

Get this quote: ‘Even Michelle Obama presented a contrast here on Thursday as she introduced her husband in an open-air barn at the Cass County fairgrounds. She told a crowd…’ (laughing) It’s a joke what these people have to go through to be president. Go to (laughing) an open-air barn? What good is an open-air barn anyway? What would you put in an open-air barn? Anyway… ‘She told a crowd of more than 200 people that family values and trust were important in the next presidential candidate. ‘Our view is that if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House,’ Mrs. Obama said.’ She’s referring to Mrs. Clinton. ‘Later, she added: ‘This election is about truth and authenticity. There is nothing more important than your word. Truth does matter,” and she’s being lauded for this! She’s being lauded for this attack on Mrs. Clinton. She’s being lauded for her little tirade the other day on how everybody is just encumbered with fear. Imagine if Karl Rove had said this. The Drive-Bys would have gone berserk.

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