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“I don’t like to foreclose the Clintons on anything. I think they’re going to be harassing us until we all assume room temperature.”

“Headline: ‘People Buy Small Cars Even Though They Could Be Deadly.’ Small cars are deadly now? I’ll tell you this, folks: if you own a small car, don’t compound your risk by eating carrots.”

“I think Bill Moyers’ body, his internal organs — including his brain — are wrapped in resentment and hatred and he’s being eaten up alive.”

“I got the cutest e-mail today from a woman subscriber to Rush 24/7. Her subject line was: ‘I lost my husband to you.’ I said, ‘Whoa! Better read this and call the lawyers!'”

“I don’t make too many mistakes, and so when I make a mistake, everybody harps on it. I don’t have the luxury of learning from my mistakes and getting a pass, like you people. When I make a mistake — bam! — everybody zeros in.”

Nobody criticizes Hillary, and I finally figured this one out, too: you can’t hit the girl. You just can’t hit the girl. Plus, she plays the victim better than anybody elsedoes.”

“The Democrat car has gone off the cliff. They’re invested in defeat in Iraq, but Hillary’s jumped out of that car. The parachute has opened and she’s gliding gently down — well, as gently as she could glide in a parachute — to reality.”

“John Edwards will not negotiate with evil — the drug companies. He will not appear on Fox News. But he will indeed go talk to the mullocracy in Iran.”

“The Breck Girl said, ‘I don’t know a lot about Cuba’s health care system — is it a government-run system?’ This is perhaps the dumbest thing a political candidate has ever said. This is worse than Dukakis and the tank.”

“You have to understand the prism through which the left see things. To them, the Republican base is Deliverance.”

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