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RUSH: This is Jack in Miami, 20 years old. Jack, welcome to the program, are you happy?

CALLER: Oh, I’m an invisible happy person living down here in Miami.

RUSH: What is being invisible like? I would so like to know that, and I never will.

CALLER: I really don’t know. Anyway, I called today about trans fats because you had said recently that in over 20 years they’re going to say we’re not getting enough trans fats —

RUSH: Five or six years.

CALLER: Well, I just did a six-week study on trans fats and wrote a big report about it, and I think you’ll be very interested to find out how trans fats came around. The trans fat we’re talking about is called galactic acid. It’s a hydrogenated oil. Scientists thought that we were getting too much saturated fats, so they took an unsaturated fat like olive oil —

RUSH: And added hydrogen to it to harden it up so it could store better, it could ship easier. I know all these reasons.

CALLER: Exactly. But it is found nowhere in nature, that galactic acid and their many scientific studies —

RUSH: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I’ve gotta take a break here. I want you to hold on through the break here. Can you do that, Jack?


RUSH: Gasoline isn’t found in nature, either. We make it, and it does kill. I mean, there’s no question. If you drink it, if you put it in a little car and a big car hits you, you’re dead. It can kill you, too.


RUSH: We go back now to Jack in Miami. You’re giving us a little history on trans fats, hydrogenated oil, and why it is that I’m wrong about something about it.

CALLER: Well, no, I’m not going to say you’re wrong about it. Well, the point is, the trans fats aren’t safe to consume at any level, and really quick, the FDA saw all the fervor about this and they changed the rules. You’re going to love this. You don’t have to list trans fats if there’s under half a gram a serving, so there may be trans fats in things that say ‘0 grams.’

RUSH: Right. Right. In fact, I saw that today. Zero trans fats is not low enough, because you’re allowed to say it’s ‘per serving.’ If it’s less than half a gram, you can say that it’s zero.

CALLER: Exactly. That’s one of the main things.

RUSH: But you know how Big Food is killing us. They package foods that are not just one serving.

CALLER: Obviously.

RUSH: So Big Food is wiping us out, Jack.

CALLER: Wait. That’s not my point. My point is just why just one trans fat is dangerous. Your body builds almost everything, like your brain is mostly fat. All the hormones in your body are fat. When your body goes to construct what it needs out of this oleic acid, this alien fat that we have made to make food last longer, it doesn’t make it quite right. It can’t produce the correct levels. That’s why we get (garbled) cholesterol.

RUSH: So what do we get? What do we get, diarrhea?

CALLER: No, no, no. Our cholesterol gets messed up. LDL goes way up.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh, okay. Well, how do you…? Let me ask you a question, then.


RUSH: Seriously. I’ve been multiple weights over the course of my life.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: When I was in my twenties, I weighed over 300, and throughout my medical history my cholesterol has never been over 180. Now, I guarantee you that I have eaten trans fats, a lot of places. I didn’t know what they were. You know, you go to get some french fries or something, chances are they are there. How come my cholesterol didn’t go up?

CALLER: Well, cholesterol is actually still a mystery today. Heredity plays a huge role in cholesterol.

RUSH: Really? Exactly I think it plays, heredity, in a lot of things, like diabetes.

CALLER: It does. It most definitely does.

RUSH: Intelligence.

CALLER: Yes, that’s right.

RUSH: No question about it.

CALLER: Yeah, the Drive-Bys don’t want to say it, but yeah, it does.

RUSH: Absolutely! All right, so you would urge people not to eat trans fats?

CALLER: Yes. I just spent six weeks studying them, and there are true scientific studies that show when your body goes to make hormones and cholesterol and everything out of it, it doesn’t make it quite right.

RUSH: Well, I know. Here’s my problem. They could be right about this, and I’m making a joke when I say five or six years from now they may be telling us we’re not eating enough of the stuff, because it happens with everything. It happened with coffee. It happened with oat bran. All these things were going to kill us. It’s in the stack, a story I had from last week. Jack, hang on here, buddy. You’ve gotta hear this along with all the rest of them. ‘Healthy Fast Foods Not Easier on the Heart — So-called healthy fast food alternatives to the classic burger, fries and soft drink appear to have similar effects on the cardiovascular system.’ There’s no such thing as this healthy food business. Like carrots. Broccoli, too. Broccoli? That stuff is deadly. You take a look at the statistics that people that have died and how much they ate broccoli, people that have been in accidents, and how long after they ate broccoli did the accidents happen. (sigh) Tofu? You wait. You people just wait. I’m telling you they’re going to discover something about trans fats somewhere down the road, and say, ‘You know what, it’s got a benefit.’ What if the cure for Parkinson’s disease is found in trans fats?

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