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RUSH: Janet, Northport, Florida, I appreciate your patience. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. After my question, Rush, could I pass on a bumper sticker suggestion for the gals?

RUSH: For the Democrats?

CALLER: Conservative gals.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: Okay, thank you. Yesterday you mentioned the just-released CIA internal report on George Tenet’s failure to fight terrorism, although it was never mentioned, that I saw, the failures were all during Clinton terms. And, you know, they refused to go after terrorists even after all the attacks of the nineties. And this report referenced this legal wall that prevented intelligence sharing. Well, you know, Jamie Gorelick erected this wall. She was the real attorney general, in my opinion. Well, certainly she was directed by her boss, Hillary Clinton, since Mrs. Clinton decided all legal appointments. So these were her people, Hillary’s agenda, and these failures, I would say, to get Bin Laden these dozen times, were also hers. And would you not agree, if your horrible prediction of 80% comes true, Gorelick would be sitting in that chair again?

RUSH: Oh, Gorelick would be back, and so would Sandy Burglar. His probation expires just in time for her inauguration or pretty close to it, and Sandy Burglar needs a payback. He risked it all for them. This report is interesting. It’s a CIA report, dumps on Tenet, there’s no question about it. But it also has a little-noticed reference to Bill Clinton lying again. He told a number of people, including Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, that he did everything he could to kill Bin Laden, did everything he could, but he never issued a kill order. What he did was issue an order to capture. But the order to capture said there can’t be any collateral casualties. Of course, Bin Laden’s hanging around with a bunch of cover. The CIA, in its report, says they didn’t really take this seriously because they don’t go around the world capturing people, A, and B, with this kind of restriction. So they just kind of let it go and Clinton’s been out there trying to rewrite history for his legacy saying he worked harder on nothing, except tax cuts probably, to kill bin Laden and get him. He didn’t. Now, the stuff about Gorelick and the wall is not in this report. I think the reason for — I’m just speculating — I think this is an internal CIA report where they are introspective about that agency, and she was over at the Department of Justice.

CALLER: But wouldn’t you say that what she did, all that she did, was under Mrs. Clinton’s direction? Because she made all those legal appointments. She got rid of people. She hired people.

RUSH: The odds are, yeah, but I don’t know that. People like Jamie Gorelick have their own ideas on how the world ought to be. I think the Clintons go out and they populate their organizations with like-minded people, don’t have to give them orders every day. The only order is, ‘You say nothing about what you ever see or hear with us. You will never, ever, talk about what we’ve said to you,’ but other than that, it’s sort of like the media. The media does not have to have a meeting every day in order to figure out what they’re all going to put on television that night. It’s all the same. They don’t need a meeting every day to say what’s going to be on the front page of the New York Times. New York Times may have a meeting but they won’t consult anybody else, but it’s all the same. I think when you’ve got activists, which is what the Clinton administration put into office, you’re likely right that Clinton, Hillary, Bill, both, whatever, are issuing directives here.

CALLER: So she’ll go through the whole campaign season without one question directed to her about what they did and did not do?

RUSH: Of course not. That will be attacking her, that will be, ‘Oh, that’s the past. We want to move forward.’ You Republicans, you just can’t let this go. You have Clintonitis. You’ve got Clinton on the brain, and they’ll dovetail it that way. No, the idea that we’re going to get an open discussion of her incompetence, the Republican presidential nominee, whoever it is, will probably delve there. These Democrats that are running against her, Edwards took the biggest risk lately by saying the Lincoln Bedroom should not be rented. Of course, now, he wasn’t talking about the Clintons, everybody knows that. Ha-ha. Like Michelle Obama wasn’t talking about the Clintons when she talked about you can’t run the White House if you can’t run your own house. However, as is always the case, Janet, we will be reminding people of all of this, when it’s time, when it’s time. Don’t want to burn people out. Don’t forget, most people aren’t like you and me, Janet, and the rest of us in this audience. You wait and see, folks.

We were commenting the other day that this has been, in our memory, one of the most active news cycle Augusts, and in fact summers, that we can remember. Even at that, you wait and see how things intensify and change starting September 3rd. When all of these people come back from Malibu, come back from the Hamptons, come back from wherever they are and get going, the campaigns are going to seize up. The debates all of a sudden are going to matter a hell of a lot more, you wait and see, the intensity is going to really, really change, and you gotta keep the powder dry for when people were emotionally and intellectually ready to citizen it and not be turned off by it. I appreciate the call.


RUSH: H.R. just sent me the New York Times editorial today on the CIA report. Listen to this: ‘The C.I.A. inspector general’s report on the agency’s failures before Sept. 11 was devastating — but not because it showed that America’s spies missed the rise of Al Qaeda. George Tenet, then the director of central intelligence, rang the Qaeda alarm. He sent a memo to the entire intelligence community saying that he wanted no effort spared in the ‘war’ with Osama bin Laden. He took on the president’s closest advisers to agitate for a strike on a Qaeda base in Afghanistan. The disturbing thing was that this all happened under President Bill Clinton.’ Be still, my beating heart! But Bill Clinton said that he had a ‘virtual obsession’ in getting Bin Laden, didn’t he? (Clinton impression) ‘I tried to kill him. I work as hard as I could! I wanted to give the order to kill that Bin Laden and we couldn’t find the guy, but I did everything I could. I tried! I worked and I worked and I worked.’ That’s what he told Chris Wallace — and he has just been undercut by the Bible, by the house organ of the Democrat Party: the New York Times. This first paragraph validates everything that’s in the movie The Path to 9/11, or the central elements of it. By the way, there’s still no DVD on that series. I wonder why. ‘The disturbing thing’ was that when all this happened Bill Clinton was in the White House. ‘When George W. Bush won the White House, Mr. Tenet seems to have shifted his priorities. The C.I.A. chief suddenly seemed consumed with hanging on to his job.’ Wow! Now, been watching the news monitors here all and I haven’t seen anybody, and I haven’t seen any expert brought on to talk about this. The New York Times generally dictates what the news is for other Drive-By outlets, even the editorial page. Not today.

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