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RUSH: John in Mount Shasta, California, welcome to the program, sir. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Good day, Rush. Earlier you mentioned that the Democrats had wasted the Craig situation.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I don’t think they did because the Hillary-Chinese contribution thing has kind of been slipped under the rug, and nobody seems to be talking about it.

RUSH: You know, it’s an amazing thing. When the Clintons get into trouble, they always turn to the ChiComs, and the ChiComs always come through. You know, you’re right. First we had the Lippo Group, and James Riady, and we had Charlie Trie of the Chinese barbecue place in Little Rock. We had Johnny Chung. We had all these guys in the ’96 fundraising scandal, all this money coming in from the Peoples Liberation Army of China. Now we’ve got this Norman Hsu guy, and Hillary’s running around saying, ‘I had no idea he was a fugitive! Why, I had no idea,’ and Clinton said (impression), ‘Well, there’s no way we could know he was a fugitive. There are too many donors out there. You can’t vet all these people. But Hillary gave the money away, and he donated to charity. It’s all right, and if we find out that more of it came from him and it’s wrong, we’ll give it back. We’ll say we’re not going to take it; we’re not going to accept it.’ I was watching Meet the Press yesterday, and they did a whole roundtable. Russert did a whole roundtable. It was Mary Matalin. It was Carville. It was Bob Shrum, and Mike Murphy, political consultants extraordinaire, and this fundraising thing came up. Do you know what the conventional wisdom on this is? Carville led off saying (paraphrased), ‘Well, of course you have so many donors out there, it’s impossible to keep track of who these people are,’ and he started citing several instances of sleazy donors to the Republicans, and said, ‘They didn’t know, either.’

But, folks, nothing happens with the Clintons that is coincidence. Here’s Norman Hsu. He’s from Hong Kong. He’s Chinese. It’s not known whether he has any ties to the ChiComs, but come on! This is twelve years apart: ’96, now 2008. Somebody, I forget who, said today, ‘It’s interesting. In the Chinese calendar, 1996 and 2008 are the year of the rat,’ and these two years happen to be years in which there is suspicious fundraising going to the Clintons, and nobody seems to care about this. Now, the Craig thing, obviously… Look, the Drive-Bys, they swerved right by Gonzales. They swerved right by a whole bunch of things, and they have zeroed in on this Larry Craig thing. They are paying no attention to Hillary’s fundraising, or the scandal involving this guy, other than to report it as, ‘She gave the money to charity. What a woman! What a candidate, and of course she didn’t know where the guy came from!’ Of course not! She doesn’t know anything. I’ve got a list of sound bites. In fact, let’s get started with them. Let’s take a break. We’ll take a break, I’ll find these sound bites, because we’ve got years of examples of Hillary saying, ‘I don’t know. I don’t remember that. It’s the biggest surprise in the world to me.’


RUSH: Here’s Hillary Clinton, January 1992, 60 Minutes. This is about what voters want in a candidate.

HILLARY 1992: Part of what I believe with all my heart is that the voters are tired of people who lie to them. They’re tired of people who act like something they’re not. They’re tired of people who deny problems. They’re tired of people who neglect problems.
RUSH: Right. This is what her husband was running for president. This is when she was pulling off the Elizabeth Edwards routine. Let’s go last Thursday in Manhattan at a press conference talking to reporters about the money that Norman Hsu donated to her campaign.

HILLARY 2007: We do the very best job we can based on the information available to us to make appropriate vetting decisions, and this one, uhh, was a big surprise to everybody.

RUSH: Of course it was. Why, it was a huge surprise! Well, does that sound familiar? Let’s go back to her Senate campaign. She was shocked and surprised her own brother was selling pardons.

HILLARY 2000: You know, it came as a surprise, uhh, to me, and it was very disturbing, and I’m just, uh, very disappointed about it. I did, uh, not, uh, have any involvement, you know, and, uh, I’m just very, uh, disappointed about my brother’s involvement. If I had known about, uh, this, we wouldn’t be standing here today. Uhhh, I didn’t know about it, and I’m very…regretful that, uh, it occurred, that I didn’t know about it. Uh, I might have been able to prevent this from happening. And I’m just very disappointed about the whole matter. I did not know. I was heartbroken and — and shocked by it.

RUSH: Yeah, it was a big surprise to find out that Norman Hsu was this bad guy! That’s a big shock to us. When her brothers were involved in the Marc Rich pardons, she was stunned at that. Let’s go to the Pretty in Pink press conference from our program archives, April 22nd, 1994.

HILLARY 1994: The young attorney, the young bank officer did all the work, and the letter was sent, but because I was what you call ‘the billing attorney’ — in other words, I had to send the bill to get the payment made — my name was put on the bottom of the letter. It was not an area that I practiced in. It was not an area that I really know anything, to speak of, about.

RUSH: She’s talking about the billing records. You know, where the hell were the billing records? Well, my name was on them, but I had no idea why my name was on it! I didn’t know what it was about it! It was a total shock. Also, this is from the same press conference, the Pretty in Pink press conference, April 22nd, ’94, a semi-identified reporter named Mike says, ‘Mrs. Clinton, could you clarify for us what documents were removed from Vince Foster’s office after he died and why were they there in the first place?’

HILLARY 1994: Mike, I — I can tell you what I know which is that I did not know that Vince had any of the documents related to our personal business in his office until after his death.

RUSH: When I snuck in there and found ’em and pulled them out. She never knows anything! She wants to be president of the United States, and she never knows anything! January 27, 1998, Today show.

HILLARY 1998: Answer my husband. I mean, you know, he woke me up Wednesday morning and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but…’ and I said, ‘What is this?’ And so, yeah, it came as a very big surprise.

LAUER: He said, ‘But’? He said ‘but’ what?

HILLARY1998: ‘But…I want to tell you what’s in the newspapers.’

RUSH: This was the Monica story. This is how she was explaining how Bill was going to tell her about the Monica story. To sum it all up, here’s the Breck Girl talking about Hillary. Of course he denied he was talking about Hillary.

EDWARDS: The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale,the Lincoln bathroom is not for rent, and lobbyist money can no longer influence policy in the House or the Senate.

RUSH: So she didn’t know about Monica — of course, she probably vetted Monica, you know. The bottom line here is, folks, the woman knows nothing, is surprised by everything, and yet wants to be our president.

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