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RUSH: What do you think of this headline? This from Bloomberg: ‘Clinton, Obama Back Bigger Army to Blunt Soft-on-Security Slams — Michael Dukakis’s tank ride and John Kerry’s Iraq flip-flop still haunt the Democratic Party. This year’s presidential candidates are aggressively working to avoid soft-on-security images, keeping in mind the ridicule Republicans heaped on nominees Dukakis for posing as a tank commander in 1988 and Kerry when he tried in 2004 to explain contradictory votes on funding for the war. … Hillary Clinton wants to add 80,000 soldiers to the Army; Barack Obama calls for 65,000 more soldiers and 27,000 more Marines; Biden proposes establishing local counter-terrorism units in large cities; John Edwards would double the budget for military recruiting…’ All these Democrats, while striving and struggling to defeat the US Army in Iraq, now claim that they want a bigger Army! They want to pull out of Iraq. Obama wants to talk with all of our enemies (except he wants to attack Pakistan). Hillary has no idea how to use any military except for parades in her honor and how to abuse them in the White House. What are they going to use these things for? What are they going to use these new troops for? This is typical Democrat Party BS, and the headline is exactly right. They’re trying to ‘blunt the soft-on-security slams’ that they get, and they get those slams because they are soft on security.

How could you conclude otherwise? They are totally invested in defeat in Iraq, and they’re working on it. I’ll tell you what, this Petraeus report’s coming out next week, and they’re already working on manipulating ways to make sure that whatever is said in that report is reported as failure. Bush is going to win, by the way. It doesn’t matter what they do. Bush is going to win this again and again and again and the surge is going to continue going through next spring, but they’re going to do everything they can to spin this report as irrelevant or as a bunch of lies or as influenced by the White House. There’s a GAO report that’s coming out first. The Democrats are seizing on that because it has a little bit different take. The General Accounting Office is coming out with a report on the surge and on progress in Iraq. It’s not as upbeat as Petraeus’s report is suggesting that it will be, and so they’re harping on that. So they’re making it plain, as clear as day that they are not interested in victory here, that they are not interested in success, even, and yet during all of this they expect people to buy the notion that they care about US national security simply because they want to add more people to the Army and the Marines. I thought, by the way, that the people that joined the Army were the dregs of our society. These people keep telling us that the members of the US Military are down on their luck, they come from rotten southern neighborhoods, out-of-the-way urban neighborhoods. There’s no future there. There’s no opportunity. There’s no hope. The only way is to join the Army. They really don’t want to join the Army, but it’s the only way out of a horrible circumstance that living life in a country like America has presented them, yada, yada, yada. So why do they want to get more people into uniform? If they hate the military, if they think it’s such a disastrous mission, and they think it’s so inappropriately used, why in the hell do they want to expand it? They don’t. They’re just saying this because they know they are perceived as a bunch of losers, weak, inconsequential, dangerous people when it comes to US national security.

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