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We’ve had a phone call, a couple phone calls on this program, from a man known as Tazz. He’s a lieutenant colonel. He’s in Iraq now. Remember, he was in the Baghdad control tower and threw that faulty French refrigerator off the edge and told us about it. I got an e-mail from him yesterday.

‘Hey, Slugo. Hey, Rush, I’m missing the States and my family badly, but thanks for your support.’ We sent him a care package. ‘[T]hanks for your support. It really means a lot. This place is on fire — literally. We are winning big time. It’s like the early 1980s Oakland Raiders football team out there: nothing can stop us. We’re doing an outstanding job winning this thing. The so-called surge may carry some bad vibes on the streets back home but when you’re out here and you see it in action, it’s marvelous. Thank God. I saw a bunch of soldiers from the 33rd Georgian Brigade, from the former USSR, last week. Tough men they were. Incredible fighters. I’m glad they’re on our side. There are a lot of units like that out here: mean, tough, spirited, ready to fight and win. You’d think after six years of war that the guys out here would be ready to toss in the towel and give up. Not so. This is war. You either win or lose. We win. We are winning. The surge, it’s working. We have them on the run, and are having very good effects, good progress on all fronts, and we need to keep this up, keep the pressure on, keep the momentum of attack in our favor. We have every intention of doing that. Take care, mega dittos, Lieutenant Colonel…’ known affectionately here as Tazz.

So there’s a report from on the ground.


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