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RUSH: All right, some of the details of the Bin Laden tape, the supposed Bin Laden tape, have been released. Now, this is a hoot. In the first place, there is no specific threat to the United States in the tape, unless there is one in code. But there’s no promise that we’re going to get hit again. There may be some code in there, but nothing direct. But it is amazing, folks, it is a liberal rant. He blames the US for global warming. He blames US corporate interests for corrupting the political process, because our politicians have to run out and raise so much money in order to run for president. He excoriates the Democrats. Now I understand why some people were saying earlier that this tape could not be good for Democrats, because what he apparently says on this tape, this Bin Laden look-alike — I’m sorry, I refuse to believe it’s Bin Laden. It’s just me. If I’m wrong, when we find out, I will be glad to admit it. I don’t have to do it very often, so I’m used to it, but I’m going to tell you this: He excoriates the Democrats, he lets it known, lets it be known, that he favors what they promise. He said, ‘You Democrats won the election in November because the American people want this war in Iraq over. But what have you done? You have continued to authorize billions and billions of dollars for the war. You are failing in your mission to the American people,’ and on and on with things like this.

He’s blaming the United States for global warming and stealing the world’s resources. It is a liberal rant. It’s everything you would hear out of San Francisco. It’s what you would hear from a major college campus, take your pick of a professor. It’s on the Senate floor. It’s anything you would hear out of the mouth of an average elected Democrat. It’s stunning. I can’t wait to get a hold of the actual transcript of this thing, because it’s obviously in a language — (speaking gobbly gook) — and it would be worthless to play that because we can’t understand it. We’re going to get the transcript of this. It may not happen until Monday, but I was watching the Drive-Bys. Jim Miklaszewski on PMSNBC was going through a brief summary of the transcript. He was focused on how this is not going to help the Democrats. Well, what do you think? Whose side are they on anyway? Why is this a surprise? The Democrats in this country are invested in defeat, they own defeat. They’re cementing that investment today and yesterday, and they’ll do so next week when the Petraeus report comes out. How can anybody assume they’re on anybody’s side but Bin Laden’s? ‘Rush, you can’t say it like that.’ Why not? This is like back in the old Nicaragua days.

Let’s review this, because I don’t care what intentions are. I care about end results. So we’ve got a budding little Soviet client state down there, Nicaragua, run by Daniel Ortega, who, by the way, is back in power down there. However, I don’t know what shape his government’s in after Hurricane Felix went in there. But regardless, you remember the Contra wars? Reagan was trying to do everything he could to get some money down there to the Contras, the so-called freedom fighters, the modern equivalent of our Founding Fathers, trying to defeat this Soviet beachhead being established. The Democrats in Congress voted down every funding effort, which is what led to the Iran-Contra scandal and so forth. But that’s the point. Any attempt to fund, the Democrats were constantly voting it down. Then after a number of votes, Ortega would get on a plane and go to the Soviet Union and he’d come back with a big aid package from the Soviet Union and he’d start bragging about it, and the Democrats in Congress: ‘You can’t embarrass us this way,’ and they’d send people like George Miller from California and Kerry went down there a couple times, to scold the guy: ‘You can’t do this.’
So people started saying, ‘You know what? You guys are actually voting with the communists, the Sandinista government down in Nicaragua.’ ‘You challenge our patriotism?’ ‘Well, sir, you may not be voting for them, but what would be the difference if you were? The result of your actions is you are supporting the establishment of a Soviet beachhead in Nicaragua.’ By the way, they still speak glowingly of Castro. They’re not threatened at all or bothered by Hugo Chavez. So it’s the same situation here with the Iraq situation. They may cringe and they may react at allegations that they’re on the side of the terrorists, but how are their votes and their statements to be interpreted any other way? We certainly can’t claim that they’re on our side, not when the side we’re on is victory. They are clearly not for victory. They have no interest in it, total defeat. So this Bin Laden tape makes it clear that he is on the Democrat side and he excoriates them for not doing what they were elected to do.

Now, if I’m a Democrat and this tape comes out and I accept the fact that this is actually Bin Laden, which of course they will, and I got this guy who blew up 3,000 Americans and would like to do it as often as he could, sidling up to me being critical because I’m not doing my job to do what he wants accomplished, which is us out of Iraq, how would I feel? Would I be the slightest bit embarrassed? If I’m Jack Murtha, if I’m Dingy Harry, if I’m Nancy Pelosi, or Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, am I embarrassed at all that Osama Bin Laden is on my side? I would think that I would be. I don’t think that is what gets through their thick skulls. They’ll come out with the requisite piece that the only difference between him and a bag of manure is the bag, whatever they’re going to say. But to people paying attention, folks, there can be no mistaking it. Osama Bin Laden expects the Democrat Party of this country to do his bidding and excoriates them for failing in this latest tape of his.

(Playing of We Hate the USA.)

We Hate the USA. Osama Bin Laden and the Democrat Party with featured stars impersonated there by our old buddy Paul Shanklin, well-known ‘white comedian,’ as the Drive-Bys labeled him during the Magic Negro crisis. Before we go to the break, here is Jim Miklaszewski at the two o’clock news break here on PMSNBC, a partial report on the content of the alleged Bin Laden tape.

MIKLASZEWSKI: Bin Laden, according to this transcript, anyway, says that the vast majority of Americans want it stopped, thus you elected the Democratic Party for this purpose, but the Democrats haven’t made a move worth mentioning. On the contrary, they continued to agree to the spending of tens of billions of dollars for the war in Iraq.

RUSH: Yeah, he’s excoriating them. Just like their own rabid supporters are at MoveOn.org and all these fringe kook websites. Bin Laden probably posts there. You’ve got the United States being blamed for global warming, I mean, the whole obscene, extreme left-wing agenda apparently comes out of this guy’s mouth and this purported tape.


‘MoveOn.org is asking its members whether it should support primary challengers of anti-war Democrats whom the group says have not been sufficiently forceful in their opposition to current Iraq policy. MoveOn.org said the Democrat majority has failed MoveOn.org on some issues usually because too many of them are afraid to fight.’ Well, here we go! MoveOn.org is echoing the Osama Bin Laden tape. So MoveOn.org is going to target, they’re talking about targeting, Democrat incumbents who aren’t doing enough to advance the Democrat agenda. I hope they do. They’ll probably campaign better against them than we do.


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