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Okay, the Drive-Bys, folks, they’re just orgasmic over there about the latest video that’s come in, ostensibly from Osama Bin Laden. Listen to this montage. We got ’em all. We got Brian Ross at ABC. We got Alisyn Camerota and Fox. We got Matthew Felling. We got everybody in this montage talking about Bin Laden.

Brian Ross: Well, three years ago, as you can see, the beard was very white! Now, three years later, the beard is dark black!

Alisyn Camerota: It is clear he has a much darker beard!

Matthew Felling: They say he has dyed the beard.

Joe Scarborough: Look at that! Wow!

Amy Robach: …newly darkened beard…

Pete Williams: …a newly darkened beard and appears to have gained some weight.

Michael Isikoff: I don’t get the dyed beard.

Matt Lauer: There is the shorter, darker beard.

Ann Curry: A darker than normal beard.

Marc Ginsburg: His beard was dyed.

Greta Van Susteren: Now he’s going to the salon.

Anderson Cooper: His beard is darker.

Abbi Tatton: His beard is now completely black!

Brian Ross: Bin Laden, now 50 years old, looking fit with a full beard of dark black hair, no gray at all!

RUSH: That’s Brian Ross there wrapping it up with the style report. I guess Bin Laden’s been going to see Dan Rather’s stylist. He has to have some western agent to go out there and get the Grecian Formula to turn the beard black. Have you taken the time to do a side-by-side of the old Bin Laden from 2004 and this picture? There’s something that just doesn’t make sense here, folks, something about this. The Drive-Bys, they want it so badly to be Bin Laden, because Bin Laden hates Bush and they hate Bush, and Bin Laden showing up allows the Drive-Bys to say, ‘See? Bush has failed. We haven’t killed Bin Laden, and until we kill Bin Laden, we haven’t avenged the deaths of 9/11, and until we kill Bin Laden we haven’t won the war on terror, and how can we kill Bin Laden when we’re in Iraq?’ That’s the thought process. They love seeing Bin Laden show up. Now, you may have forgotten this. I want to take you back to February 1st of 2005. Do you remember when terrorists captured a GI Joe doll, and they dressed it up and said they had captured a US soldier, and they were going to behead the soldier, and the Drive-Bys fell for it? Do you remember? Here, listen to the audio.

Kyra Phillips (dramatic music): A US solider has been kidnapped in Iraq, a chilling image on an Islamic website with a rifle to his head.

Wolf Blitzer: Iraqi militants are now claiming in a website that they just posted to have kidnapped an American soldier, taken him hostage, and they’re threatening to behead this American soldier!

Martha Raddatz: The picture that was released on the website claiming they had a captive…

RUSH: Yeah. It was a GI Joe. It was a GI Joe doll, folks, and they fell for it. Now, they will accept anything the enemy says. I haven’t seen much. I haven’t had a chance to watch a whole lot of Drive-By Media last night, but I tell you, whatever the enemy says, they just snap it right up. Whatever Petraeus is going to say, we can’t trust him! Whatever Bush is going to say, we can’t trust him! Whatever Rumsfeld was going to say, he lies! Cheney lies. Bush lies. Rice lies. They’re all scum. They all gotta go! These guys get a picture of Bin Laden and they start, (Panting) ‘He’s back! He’s back! All right, all right, all right! We hate Bush. We hate Bush! All right!’ They get so excited. Don’t even question whether this is him. To me, it looks like an obvious fake, a look-alike, or something. I don’t care whether the beard’s black. I mean, the nose is pretty close, but I’ll tell you, this guy in 2004, if that was Bin Laden close to death — and the guy’s on dialysis. The guy’s got big-time kidney problems. On the anniversary of 9/11, the Drive-Bys are all excited about this. I got a story in the stack here, by the way. You know, 9/11’s coming up Tuesday, the sixth anniversary.

‘More relatives of 9/11 victims say support from family has waned or even stopped six years after the terrorist attacks, indicating fatigue or the feeling the relatives should go on with their lives. The annual survey released Thursday by the World Trade Center Family Center found a 19 percent drop in ‘strong support’ from in-laws and other relatives since last year. ‘There probably is some Sept. 11 fatigue, yes,’ said Dr. Minna Barrett, director of research and training at the Long Island-based center. The survey involved 100 adult family members…’ This is like the in-laws of victims have suddenly stopped supporting the survivors and this sort of thing. I wonder why this is? I think part-and-parcel of this, folks, is the media in this country has done everything it can — and a lot of other people have done everything they can — to try to eliminate 9/11 from everybody’s memory. In fact, a local ABC TV station here in the Big Apple is not going to air the whole memorial on Tuesday, and the thing they’re going to leave out is the reading of the victims’ names, the people who died. I think it’s Channel 7. Channel 7 is not going to do it. Of course, we’re not going to see any pictures. Oh, no! It’s still ‘too soon.’ Even though we’ve all forgotten, it’s too traumatic. Even though we’ve all forgotten.

In the midst of all this, here comes this Bin Laden tape, and everybody in the Drive-Bys is just as excited as they can be about it. You tell me; has there been any speculation in the Drive-By Media this thing all may be a fake? You haven’t seen any? Yeah, they’re accepting it. Whatever Petraeus is going to say, it’s a lie! Whatever Bush is going to say, it’s a lie. al-Zawahiri, and whoever this actor is as Bin Laden sends a new tape over here. (Panting) ‘It’s Bin Laden! Good! We hate Bush; he hates Bush. Oh, good.’ These guys make me sick.


Have you seen these side-by-side pictures of Bin Laden from 2004 and 2007? We played the audio sound bites last hour of the Drive-Bys just having their multiple organisms: ‘He’s back? All right! He hates Bush. We hate Bush, and Bin Laden being back proves that Bush is a failure and we shouldn’t be in Iraq. We should be hunting him down.’ It just fits their narrative. It just fits the template. They’re not even questioning whether this is legit. Of course the US government… I know you’re saying, ‘But, Rush! But, Rush! The US government says it’s legit.’ What else are they going to say? We’re not going to martyr the guy, and if we can’t prove that he’s dead, if we don’t have any evidence, it’s just easier all the way around here. If they came out and said Bin Laden’s dead, then the Democrats would say, ‘You prove it!’ The last thing Democrats want is for Bin Laden to be dead. If we ended up killing Bin Laden with proof, the Democrats would lose a whole ‘nother argument. I’ve been seeing some people saying, speculating today that Bin Laden resurfacing now helps Republicans. How does it help anybody now? There’s not an election for another year. When Bin Laden came out and endorsed John Kerry, well, that’s a different matter. Like a week before the election, he came out with his Democrat talking points, and I still think that was a Karl Rove creation. I think that was done on a computer. Well, I’m joking about it being a Karl Rove production. The Democrats believed that it was, at the time.

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