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RUSH: This is Mary Ellen in Cleveland. Hi, Mary Ellen, nice to have you on the EIB.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Post-vacation dittos. Rush, I was on vacation in Eastern Europe, and —

RUSH: Where in Eastern Europe did you go?

CALLER: Well, we went on a river cruise down the Danube and we were in cities like Budapest and Belgrade —

RUSH: Oh, they love us there, they love us there. Western Europe they’re not so hot on us right now. They love us in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet blocs.

CALLER: Well, Rush, that’s exactly my point. We would be on these tours, and totally unsolicited, our tour guides, who are very knowledgeable and well educated, would say to us how much they hoped that we would win this war on terror and how appreciative they are and they would say of our American president having the courage to wage this war. And that’s exactly my point, Rush. We don’t hear from the media that we do have friends and allies in Europe, but it’s Eastern Europe, these countries that have been oppressed —

RUSH: Yeah, but you know something —

CALLER: — for centuries.

RUSH: I know, and they credit us for their liberation, as they should. And they’re good people. I haven’t been to these countries myself, but I have a lot of friends who travel there. Václav Klaus is all over the global warming thing: ‘These Western Europeans, socialists, you guys are all wrong about global warming.’ He’s the one guy sounding a clarion call against it over in Europe, on our side about it. I saw a story the other day that all of a sudden the anti-Americanism that was found through much of the Bush presidency in Western Europe is moderating a bit. You know why? I remember predicting this two years ago on this program. What is happening with the evolution of the ChiComs and their economy, Western European socialist countries are becoming worthless in terms of economic output. They have problems like you cannot believe. They’re not leading the world in anything except aristocratic elites sitting around trying to drum up hatred for the United States. There are some people who realize they need us again — they never stopped needing us, actually — and so there’s a new spirit of pro-Americanism that is effervescing just under the surface in Western Europe.

Now, try this. This is a story from TheLocal.com. ‘Ambassadors from Muslim countries have indicated that they intend to present the Swedish prime minister with a list of demands when they meet for talks on Friday. Fredrik Reinfeldt invited the ambassadors from 20 Muslim countries to government offices on Friday following a wave of protests from Muslim countries after the publication of a caricature of Muhammad in local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda. Reinfeldt’s press secretary Oscar Hållén was unable to say which countries had confirmed their attendance.’ Now, I read the whole story. Let me give you the summary here, of what these Muslim ambassadors are going to do. The Muslim ambassadors to Sweden are demanding that the whole country of Sweden change its laws in order to appease the peaceful religion of Islamofascism. Some of them are going to demand changing the school curriculum. I’m being serious. They’ve been invited to come into Sweden, and of course, we know the neutrality of Sweden. They have a chance here, a really good shot of losing their country without firing a shot. The Muslims have a pretty good shot here of taking over Sweden without firing a shot.

The Swedes don’t want to offend anybody. The Muslims are coming in and saying, ‘We’re offended. You ran that cartoon so we want you to change your laws to appease our peaceful religion. We want you to change your school curriculum to teach students to express their opinions without being offensive or causing pain,’ and they say they want this same education used to train journalists in Sweden, because it was the journalists, the editorial cartoonists, that got this brouhaha started. Well, the dirty little secret is we already do that in the United States. It’s called political correctness. We already teach journalists a bunch of pap and a bunch of liberalism. We teach them narratives. They don’t learn reporting or anything of the sort anymore. So they can win a war without firing a shot in Sweden if things aren’t careful here. This is an example of the kind of docility that’s happening all over Western Europe. By the way, do you know that the recent thwart of the plot, the Islamofascist plot to blow up the airbases in Germany, do you know how we did it? A spy program intercepted phone calls. (Gasping.) It was the US that did this. The same program the Democrats want to put out of existence and so forth. Just thought I would throw that in.


RUSH: Ron in Whitesboro, New York, you’re second on Open Line Friday today. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Pleasure to talk. Hello?

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Yes. I’m wondering, why didn’t our government at the time we were attacked declare war on the Islamic Jihadists or Al-Qaeda? Why didn’t that happen? There were precedents for it.

RUSH: What difference would it have made? I mean, it was a unique situation. It was the first time we weren’t attacked by a country, the first time we’ve been attacked by an ideological movement that has no direct tie to a particular country because they’re all over the world, but what difference would declaring war have made?

CALLER: Well, the difference may have been how the whole country would have been involved then, whereas now it’s perceived that some of the country is involved, the families of service men.

RUSH: I understand what you’re saying, but I think a declaration of war here would have been treated with a… The Democrats would have gone along for it, they would have to. But nothing would have changed the way they’re acting now, if everything had gone the same. We can’t go back and say, ‘If we’d have changed the declaration of war, if we’d have called it that, why, it would have been a different outcome.’ We can’t. We gotta take history as it is. So if you put a declaration of war in front of it, you’d have to think the Democrats still would be doing what they’re doing. The American people would have still been bullied by the Drive-By Media into not supporting the war and so forth. So I don’t necessarily think that that would have mattered in terms of unity. The people were angry enough after 9/11, whether you declared war on the enemy or not.

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