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RUSH: I have a couple headlines here on the Norman Hsu story. First from the Los Angeles Times, the headline of this story is: ‘Democrat Donor Hsu Caught in Colorado.’ My first reaction when I saw this was they caught him before anybody could kill him, or they caught him before he could kill himself. I’m still wondering if that’s what he tried to do here. This is so normal, isn’t it: people on a train, on an Amtrak train, had to stop the train somewhere and pull the guy off on a stretcher?

I mean, it happens all the time, doesn’t it (especially to people the Clintons know)? Then the San Francisco Chronicle: ‘Fugitive Fundraiser Hsu Captured in Colorado.’ Now, this is the bizarre twist. The bizarre twist here: ‘captured.’ What in the world is this guy doing? He just forfeited $2 million of bail and didn’t leave the country! He kept his passport, but didn’t leave the country. Now, what’s going on here? Is there anybody can ‘splain this to me? Something is very, very odd about this, folks. This guy should have been long gone into China or Hong Kong by now. He kept his passport? He’s on an Amtrak train heading to New York where he doesn’t have a business? He was supposedly in the textile business, but the office is the Mid-Manhattan Public Library address. He doesn’t have an office at the Mid-Manhattan Public Library (‘liberry,’ for those of you in Rio Linda). So with his passport and out two million bucks, he is on an Amtrak train heading east, and just miraculously he gets sick somewhere in Colorado, necessitating a visit by federal authorities. I wonder if somebody summoned him to New York. Well, you never know. These are, I think, legitimate questions, ladies and gentlemen, even though this kind of thing is so common. Pfui! It is just so common.

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