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RUSH: Just to sum up General Petraeus, the Democrats are fuming today. General Petraeus told members of Congress the Iraq troop buildup had met its objectives in large measure, said he believed 30,000 troops could be withdrawn by next summer. But that didn’t sit well. There was Code Pink in there. You heard Tony Snow refer to it, we discussed it. Code Pink, the communist-sympathizing anti-war group in this country, was in there, along with Cindy Sheehan, who was arrested as part of the group, too. She was arrested in the room or near it. It was not clear whether she was in there. Now, how did Code Pink get in there? We all know how Code Pink got in there — Democrat staffers. There were five or six of them in there, and here’s how it sounded. This is the first of two sound bites.

PETRAEUS: It is increasingly apparent to both coalition and Iraqi leaders that Iran, through the use of the Quds Force, seeks to turn the Iraqi special groups into a Hezbollah-like force to serve its interests and fight a proxy war against the Iraqi state and coalition forces in Iraq.

CODE PINK CHICK: That’s a lie!

PETRAEUS: The most significant development in the past six months likely has been the increasing emergence —

CODE PINK CHICK: That’s a lie!

SKELTON: Will the gentleman suspend with the —

CODE PINK CHICK: That’s a lie!

SKELTON: Will the entire group that’s back there supporting that person be removed?

PETRAEUS: the most significant development —

SKELTON: Just a minute, General.

RUSH: Now, folks, I’m not joking here. I’m not trying to be funny, even though I know I am. I am one of the most entertaining entertainers there is, but I’ll tell you this. I’ve got the Drive-By stories in the stack here, the Democrats, there’s an unnamed senator out there saying, ‘We’re not going to call the guy a liar. We have our surrogate groups for this.’ Now, Code Pink just didn’t walk in there and get tickets. They were all dressed up, and you couldn’t miss these people. They looked like deranged jacks-in-the-box, totally deranged, miserable, unhappy, ugly fat women. Thank you. Thank you. They didn’t get in there by accident. Democrat staffers no doubt arranged for them to get in there and cause this little protest to call Petraeus a liar. By the way, he was exactly right. This has always been a proxy war with Iran, make no mistake about it. I’m stunned he admitted that. I’m glad he did, because it’s been one of the earliest assertions made by me on this program many, many moons ago. Here’s the second bite.

PETRAEUS: All Americans should be very proud of their sons and daughters serving in Iraq today. Thank you very much.

CODE PINK CHICK: General Petraeus (screaming unintelligible gobbly gook). The American people don’t believe you anymore!

SKELTON: Let me make this announcement. Please remove them.

CODE PINK CHICK: (Shrieking) I have a right to speak! Arrrrgh! Arrrgh!

SKELTON: Will be prosecuted under Section 10, 503.16 of the District of Columbia, and we will prosecute them under the law.

RUSH: That was Ike Skelton, Democrat leader on the committee there. He’s from Missouri. ‘General, the American people don’t believe you anymore.’ Really? Whose talking points are those? That sounds just like Tom Lantos to me; sounds just like Harry Reid; sounds just like Feinstein; sounds just like Nancy Pelosi to me; sounds just like John Kerry to me. Democrat talking points emanating from Code Pink, not so much Democrats in the hearing.

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