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RUSH: Let’s go back to last Friday. This is one of the things I was describing, the Drive-By Media reaction to the Osama Bin Laden tape.

RUSH ARCHIVE: See, Bush has failed. We haven’t killed Bin Laden, and until we kill Bin Laden, we haven’t avenged the deaths of 9/11, and until we kill Bin Laden, we haven’t won the war on terror, and how can we kill Bin Laden when we’re in Iraq? And that’s the thought process. They love seeing Bin Laden show up.

RUSH: They do. They love Bin Laden, because that’s the fastest way for them to point and say, ‘See, Bush was a failure.’ So, Bob Schieffer, a portion of his commentary on Slay the Nation yesterday.

SCHIEFFER: When we have to ask, ‘Are we winning?’ we’re probably losing. Victory is always obvious. We haven’t lost this war, but we’re not winning it. We’re hanging on. Victory would be obvious. Iraqi families would be strolling the streets of Baghdad, and Osama Bin Laden would be walking out of a cave somewhere with his hands up.

RUSH: My gosh, how dumb and stupid these people are. I’m thinking back to the Battle of the Bulge. Did we think we were winning? Was it obvious we were winning at the Battle of the Bulge? No, this is preposterous, folks. It’s absolutely preposterous. By the way, Iraqi families are strolling the streets of Baghdad, Bob. Katie Couric discovered it last week when she was over there. She went to a market and people were in there buying vegetables and falafel and couscous or whatever else, and they had their little kids in tow, and she was stunned. She said, ‘Well, this is what the military wanted me to see,’ but it was on your own network, Bob. What you said wasn’t happening is happening. Then, of course, the swimmer was on Slay the Nation, Senator Kennedy. Bob Schieffer said, ‘Every indication now is that General Petraeus is going to come before Congress now and say the policy is working, just need more time. How are you going to respond?’

KENNEDY: American servicemen and women in Iraq are being held hostage to Iraqi politicians. That has never been the circumstances. We — this is a cockamamie policy. We have a policy that is put on its head. Why we are putting our servicemen and women to be held hostage effectively to what Iraqi politicians are going to do, and they’re going to continue to lose lives over there, into the — into the future, is completely unacceptable. We are being held hostage, American troops are being held hostage. And this administration is playing for delay. They want to delay this — until some future president is going to be on there, and that’s completely unacceptable.

RUSH: Right. Right. A bunch of rambling answers. I have a question for Bob Schieffer and the Democrats. If we kill Bin Laden, who is going to be your most effective spokesman? You have to think about that.


RUSH: Bob Schieffer and the rest of you Democrats, if you want Bin Laden dead, you need to ask yourselves a serious question: If you get rid of Bin Laden, who will become the most effective spokesman you have for your cause? It’s something you have to consider, and I’d also ask Bob Schieffer this: Bob, it sounded like in that sound bite that you really want victory as opposed to defeat, so what do you propose, Bob? What do you propose? Pull the troops out, Bob? Is that how you define victory? If you think, Mr. Schieffer, that people walking in the streets without fear is victory, then let’s leave the country to the mass murderers. They’ll walk the streets without fear. I’ll tell you, the idiocy that passes for learned education and understanding in the American Drive-By Media, is breathtaking to behold.

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