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RUSH: Jill in Fort Worth, Texas, welcome to our program.

CALLER: Rush? Hi.


CALLER: I need your help real bad. My 17-year-old son is still in school, and he has this liberal teacher telling him that we’re over there for oil. Can you help explain to him that she’s lying?

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: (laugh) I know, you said it many times.

RUSH: He believes this is what you’re saying.


RUSH: We are in Iraq for oil?

CALLER: Exactly. I tried to tell him that. He comes back with these liberal, stupid comments, and I need help because I can’t remember the stuff you’ve told me.

RUSH: Yeah.


RUSH: One of the things you could tell your son is that if… Who does he think is after the oil? Does he think Bush and Cheney and Halliburton are after the oil?


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Of course.

RUSH: Obviously. You know what should concern you more than this is the literal dingleberry he’s got for a teacher.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: This teacher is an absolute imbecile.


RUSH: She’s an absolute imbecile. Here’s what you need tell him. What’s his first name?

CALLER: Randy.

RUSH: Randy?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: You need to say, ‘Randy, if we were in the Middle East and in Iraq for oil, why don’t we have it yet? We’re the United States of America. Why are we worried about killing for it? Why don’t we just go take the oil fields over there and take them? Why doesn’t Halliburton own them? Why doesn’t Bush own them? Why hasn’t Bush quit? Why do we have to go to war, Randy, to get the oil in Iraq when we have military forces in Qatar (or ‘Cutter) and Saudi Arabia?’

CALLER: (Laughing.)

RUSH: ‘Why don’t we just tell them, ‘Hey, gang, your oil is ours’? What are they going to do to stop us? Why don’t we tell the Kuwaitis — who love us right now — ‘Hey, you know Saddam wanted your oil? Guess what? We’re taking it’? If we were really that kind of country, Randy, we would be doing this all over the world. We would be going everywhere! If we want the oil so bad, how come we can’t drill for our own in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico?’ And then I would say to him — and I’m not a parent, and you are, and I would say to him — ‘Randy, I understand you’re 17, but you are really disappointing me. You are smarter than this,’ and say, ‘Randy, our number one supplier of oil in the world is Canada, and they don’t have a military that can defeat us. Why don’t we just go get theirs?’ But tell him he’s disappointing you, and you’ll have nothing more to do with him ’til he gets his mind right, like my dad did to me.

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