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RUSH: We’re going to get to some sound bites from the Petraeus hearings before the Senate and the House yesterday as we spent a lot of time yesterday doing as well. The Democrats are just over the top. I think the way to look at these people, you remember how Joseph McCarthy was shut down, and they clearly are the new McCarthyites, as is MoveOn.org. It wasn’t a Democrat, it was a Pentagon lawyer or somebody, state department lawyer, finally said of Joseph McCarthy, ‘Have you no decency, sir? Have you not a shred of decency?’ I’ll tell you, the Democrats just are exhibiting none, folks. Yesterday I was searching in frustration. If you were here yesterday you know of my controlled rage, which led to a hot show, there’s no question about it, one of the all-time greats, will be in the archives for many, many moons. However, I was looking for a word to describe it. The fewer words you can use to make a point, the more powerful the point. ‘Brevity is the soul of wit,’ William Shakespeare. It finally hit me. There’s just no decency. After watching some more of the stuff that happened yesterday afternoon, the stuff happening in the Senate this morning, there’s just no decency among these people. It’s vulgar. It is indecent. It is unseemly, and it is certainly not helpful.

Today we get another tape from Osama Bin Laden. By the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, ladies and gentlemen. I have because I actually turned the sound up to watch some of this stuff. I don’t normally do that. I read closed-captioning. I have noticed that the cable news networks, not so much Fox, they do it graphically, but the cable news networks, are pronouncing his name Usama. Now, I wonder if that is to avoid any comparisons with Obama. When did this Usama stuff start? Now, Fox has been graphically spelling his name as Usama Bin Laden with a U at the beginning of the word, but the pronunciation of his name as Usama, that’s new, is it not, Mr. Snerdley? It’s fairly new to coincide with the Democrat presidential primary, I think, just guessing.

Anyway, so we’ve got this new Usama Bin Laden tape, and he does this every 9/11. He releases a videotape of one of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 with the so-called final testament. I forget which one. Doesn’t matter. This guy’s going on and on and on about how they’re going to come at us from the front, from the back, from the left, from the right, from the up, from the down, and they’re gonna surround us. (interruption) It was last year’s tape? Well, whatever, this year’s tape is going to be more of the same: We’re going to hunt you down, we’re going to kill you, you infidels, you dirty, rotten, filthy pigs, goats, chickens, whatever, we’re going to wipe you out. On the day that this is released you have these indecent, vulgar Democrats, it’s hard to say, but it’s obvious. On the day this testament comes out, this hijacker and Usama and everybody gloating about their achievement and their promise for more, you’ve got Democrats in the United States senate who are sounding more like they are interested in advancing Usama Bin Laden’s cause than the general who is trying to defeat Usama’s boys in Iraq.


RUSH: We’ll go to the Bronx. We’ll start with Bob. I’m glad you called, sir, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Yes, I was just flashing back. I was actually two blocks away from the World Trade Center when it went down. I watched it from a consulting job right through the windows, and, again, the horrific, horrific scene it was. But I just can’t believe when I listen to the Hillary Clintons of the world and all of the other so-called wannabe presidents, that they would have any question that what Mr. Bush did here was the right and only way to proceed: to retaliate against this evil empire.

RUSH: Well, then if you have that opinion — and, look, I’m being facetious here — you obviously don’t understand their political objectives. They have a narrative. They have an objective, and it’s purely political, and it has far more importance to them than national security does. I mean, look, the people you’re talking about are actively trying to secure the defeat of the US Military here.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what, 9/11 comes around us — and I said at the beginning of the program, I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time in memorial on this. I want you to reflect on it personally with your feelings for it. I gotta tell you something, folks. This is a hell of a day for the Democrats to be urging defeat up on Capitol Hill. We have a couple sound bites coming in addition to our regular roster here of Barbara Boxer today that you will not believe. They’re just indecent and vulgar. Once again, here you have this four-star general in full military dress being accused of being a liar, being told he’s a patsy. Even after his testimony yesterday… I’ll tell you something. Where the rubber meets the road here, let’s challenge these Democrats. If he’s lying, isn’t it time for a court martial? If General Petraeus is lying and is a patsy and is simply engaging in a political process here above and beyond what his charge is, can’t they suggest that there be charges brought against him for misleading the Congress, lying to Congress? You know, there is a very, very strict law. You lie to Congress and you are in deep doo-doo. It’s worse than a hate crime. You lie to Congress, and they will come after you. If they claim he’s lying, let’s see the proof! Let’s hear their experts. Let’s find out.

These Democrats in both the House and the Senate on both of these committees, they are the military experts of the world? They’re the ones that know how to fight the enemy? They’re the ones that know how to defeat an enemy? Don’t make me choke! These are the people who know how to give up! These are the people that know how to quit, these are the people — I’m going to say this again — who are trying to rerun the Iraq war as Vietnam. They are trying to cast this administration as the Nixon administration. That is what they’re trying to do. For them to be doing this on the sixth anniversary of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon being hit by Usama Bin Laden’s 19 hijackers, how tone deaf must they be? One thing you can do with Democrats — this is called ‘projection’ in psychiatric terms — the Democrats are accusing Petraeus of being a patsy. The Democrats are accusing him of lying. I’ve suggested to you that if you ever… I’m talented here, folks. I can read the stitches on the fastballs. I can see between the lines. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and I am telling you when they say Petraeus is lying, it means they are. When they say that Petraeus is a puppet, they are.

I’ll tell you who’s pulling their strings: MoveOn.org and that contemptible, indecent ad that ran yesterday in the New York Times. The kook, fringe, left-wing blogosphere, that’s who they’re afraid of. They’re not afraid of Usama. They are not afraid of the enemy. They’re afraid of Fox News, they’re afraid of me, and they are afraid of their kook, insane, lunatic, left-wing supporters — and who are these people? Well, in the case of MoveOn.org, MoveOn.org is basically a small bunch of people. They try to make themselves sound like they’re millions strong with all their donations but the people running that show over there are basically a bunch of elitists who hold every American in contempt. In fact, I would go so far as say — Ralph Peters wrote about this in the New York Post, and I would agree with him. He said these are people who are not even interested in you voting, because you don’t have the sense to do that. They want to anoint the people they think should be running the country. You don’t have the sense to get out of the way of anything. You don’t have the sense to make the right decisions in life. You don’t have the sense to vote right, as evidenced by the last two elections. These are pure totalitarians, and that’s who’s pulling the strings of these Democrats in the House and the Senate. They are the ones who are puppets. They are the ones who are lying. They were the ones who don’t have a policy or a strategy for victory. Just the opposite. Learn it. Love it. Live it.


RUSH: I’ve gotta play you this one Barbara Boxer sound bite. This is the second of two, lecturing General Petraeus today before the Senate committee.

BOXER: Please, General, I ask you, please, don’t do what you did in ’04 when you painted a rosy scenario in an op-ed piece, turned out to be wrong, like you did in ’05 when you told us, and we believed you, that the Iraqis were just about there, they were going to take over their own defense. And please consider that others could be right. The Brits, General Casey, controller general, Lee Hamilton and Tom Kean, who just wrote in an op-ed piece that our presence in Iraq is recruiting terrorists for Al-Qaeda. Listen to the Iraqi people; the American people; the majority of the Congress.

RUSH: Now, you might say, where does this woman get off? She’s a United States Senator. She’s elected and can say what she wants, but she’s acting like her words have no consequence. They all voted for this guy in unanimity. They confirmed him. I didn’t know they had all these problems with him. Here’s the thing. I asked you a moment ago, put yourself in the position of asking yourself, ‘Do these people think their words have any consequences?’ And to me, I’ll tell you, the best way to characterize this. It sounds to me like Barbara Boxer and others that you will hear in the next hour are auditioning for roles in the next video released by Osama Bin Laden, and I mean that.


RUSH: If you watch these Petraeus hearings, isn’t it finally clear, ladies and gentlemen, that we are going to have to win this war without Democrats? We’re not going to be able to win, and I’m not talking just like about Iraq. There’s a whole war on terror in which we are engaged. The Petraeus report is what it is, and, of course, it’s generating a lot of focus on Iraq only because that’s the political focus of the Democrats, and the Democrats drive the agenda because of the Drive-By Media being their willing accomplices. But there’s a whole worldwide war on terror. I don’t know how many of you have seen, we talked about it on this show a number of times, the movie Obsession, it’s out on DVD, which chronicles, documents with footage produced by militant Islamists in their own countries, what their intentions are. This is something that the American people are not being confronted with. This is something the American people are not being told about. Well, we’re being told about it in some quarters. But it’s not something that we’re dealing with. We don’t have to yet in our minds.

We’re free and so fat, dumb, happy, and affluent that we can bury our heads and pretend that what’s going on out there is not going to affect us, is not going to come back to our shores and so forth because it hasn’t been here in six years. But when you look at these hearings, and you listen to the Democrats, it’s as though they’re auditioning for the next Osama tape, it’s as though they have no recognition that their words have consequences. The one thing that is not on the table being discussed, I don’t care whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, I don’t care whether you support Bush or not, support the war or not, the one thing that isn’t being discussed here, except when General Petraeus gets to throw some things in about it now and then, is victory! We’re all watching hearings here obsessed as Democrats are obsessed with defeat. We are Americans. This is the United States of America. We don’t lose these things. But the Democrats are angling and pushing for that. They simply have no decency. Their vulgarity on this is striking.

With so many large issues facing us and so many threats in the world, we are ignoring it, all for the sake of a political pursuit by the Democrat Party to upset and oust and destroy a sitting administration, and, in the process, the country. Now, people say, ‘Why do they hate so much?’ I don’t know. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care. The fact is they do, and that has to be dealt with. You can analyze why they hate; we’ve done it countless times on this program, and you can go back, I don’t know how many years, you could find a starting point anywhere. You could go back to 2000 where they think an election they tried to steal was stolen from them. Make no mistake, they tried to steal the 2000 election right here in south Florida, the EIB Southern Command. They tried to steal it, and they had a rogue Florida Supreme Court that was helping them along the way. It was the Democrats trying to steal that election. They didn’t get away with it. And now they run around saying the election was stolen from them because they couldn’t steal it. This is what I mean about them being a bunch of elites. Birthright is power to them. That is their birthright and nobody is allowed to take it away from them, and the people that do take it away from them, i.e., you, the voters, if they had their way wouldn’t get the chance to vote anymore because you’re not doing it right. You’re not competent, you’re not capable. So that could be a reason for their rage.

I think they’re angry because they’re constantly outsmarted and outwitted by a guy they think is a dimwit, George W. Bush. I also think they’re just miserable in general, that’s what liberalism does to you. Liberalism makes you unhappy. You have to be unhappy; you have to be angry in order to be a liberal. You can’t be happy. Because if there’s one thing that you see that makes you unhappy, then nothing else counts. It overrides everything else. They’re also enraged because they no longer have a monopolistic control of the country. They used to. Starting in 1988, they lost it. They’re not going to get it back. They’re enraged about that. These are pompous, arrogant, elitist people with no decency whatsoever, and they cannot accept the fact that they do not run the show. Even after they win elections, they can’t get anything done. In fact, there’s a story in the stack here today that the Democrat leadership, Pelosi, has decided to delay, perhaps postpone, the contempt of Congress citations for Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers. They decided it may not be the time to do it, for whatever reason, and the kook fringe is outraged by this. The MoveOn.orgs and the Daily Koses and the whole lunatic blogosphere are simply outraged by it.

Then you’ve got Dennis Kucinich. Do you know where Dennis Kucinich is, or was? He was in Syria. He may still be there; I don’t know. He’s a Democrat presidential candidate, folks. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, but nevertheless he is a Democrat presidential candidate. He went on Syrian television blasting George Bush’s illegal occupation of Iraq. Somebody needs to ask these people: ‘Have you no decency? Have you no sense of shame? Have you no idea the consequences of your actions and your words, sir?’ You can ask it to Pelosi; you can ask it to Boxer; you can ask it to John Kerry; you could ask it to Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Joe Biden. You could ask it to the whole Democrat presidential roster. You could ask it of Hillary Clinton. You could ask it of Barack Ubama. You could ask it of virtually every elected Democrat who is taking these public positions that sound exactly like they are auditioning for the next Osama tape.


RUSH: Bob in Lusby, Maryland, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush! I’m honored. I’m-so-sick-of-the-Democrats-emboldening-our-enemies dittos. I can’t stand them anymore. But the point I wanted to make with you is I listened to Evan Bayh’s speech a moment ago and you heard and the clip from Boxer talking about that tired talking point of us being in Iraq led to additional terrorists being recruited around the world. Well, in World War II when we were in North Africa and Italy and Normandy and in the Pacific, I’m sure the Japanese and the Germans increased their armies dramatically to fight us and increase bringing people in to help their cause. But, you know what? They even created kamikazes, and, according to the Democrats today, I guess we should have ran tail because we were creating suicide pilots.

RUSH: Well, if Evan Bayh said it along with Barbara Boxer, then what that tells me there’s a talking point memo that’s gone out for these Democrats and this is one of the things that they’re all going to accuse Petraeus of. But this is nothing new. This is something they’ve been saying for years, at least three or four. It’s pure sophistry that we are ‘creating new terrorists.’ Not just your excellent explanation for why, but the fact that we didn’t create them in the first place. We’re minding our own business, not bothering these people (other than our support for Israel, which they don’t like) and they’ve been blowing people up all over the world and hijacking airplanes long before 9/11, long before we went into Iraq. This is what I mean. These people are irresponsible. They have no decency. They are being entirely vulgar on this, and their words do have consequences. They are uttering words that are sympathetic to the cause of the enemy and demoralizing to our own troops and the people in this country. It’s an outrage what they are engaging in.


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