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“I have to tell you, folks: this is a hell of a day for the Democrats to be urging defeat up on Capitol Hill.”

“Story: ‘The president — Bill Clinton — used the White House to stroke donors in a more methodical way than any of his predecessors had ever done.’ Ha, ha! What a great double entendre! Come on, Dawn, it’s just a joke! Don’t sit there and go all Victorian on me when I know that’s not you.”

“The Democrats in the senate are sounding more like they are interested in advancing Usama Bin Laden’s cause than the general who is trying to defeat Usama’s boys in Iraq.”

“Hillary’s campaign said Monday that it will return the $850,000 in donations raised by Norman Hsu, and will vigorously review their fundraisers in the future. Now, folks, I’m from Missouri. And as somebody from Missouri, need to show me.”

“The Democrats are in twin beds with the kooks, and the distance between two twin beds is not that far away — unless it’s your first date, in which case it’s the longest distance in the world.”

“I think liberals are angry because they’re constantly outsmarted and outwitted by a guy they think is a dimwit: George W. Bush. I also think they’re just miserable in general because that’s what liberalism does to you.”

“Today is one bad memory that we need to keep as a bad memory and never forget it if we are to deal effectively in the future with the people who perpetrated this act.”

“Do you know where Dennis Kucinich was? He was in Syria, blasting George Bush’s ‘illegal occupation’ of Iraq. Somebody needs to ask these people: ‘Have you no decency? Have you no sense of shame?'”

“We’re going to have to win the war in Iraq and the larger war on terror without the Democrats because they aren’t interested — and we’re going to have to defeat them right along with our external enemies. That is a sobering, chilling thought, but it’s the gospel truth.”

“I love telling these liberals what my carbon footprint is. They go bonkers when I describe it.”

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