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RUSH: You know, I saw a quote today, folks, during the feverish portion of broadcast show prep. It was James Lewis of the AmericanThinker.com. I’m pretty sure that’s where I read it. It was a quote from Vladimir Lenin, V. I. Lenin. Lenin said: ‘The West are wishful thinkers. We will give them what they want to think.’ I’ll explain this in just a second. Greetings, my friends, and welcome. It’s Rush Limbaugh, already Wednesday here on the EIB Network. It’s Wednesday everywhere where you are, too. This is the fastest week in media, and the fastest three hours in media is now officially underway. The telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address Rush@eibnet.com.

So the Russians have exploded the world’s biggest non-nuclear bomb and — (laughing) — the Lenin quote comes to mind here. Have you driven around and seen bumper stickers on the back of liberal Audis and Saabs, and whatever else they drive out there, hybrids, that say: ‘If you think it, it will happen.’ Do you remember they had ‘World Jump Day’ last summer? Do you remember this? Six-hundred-million people were going to jump at one time all over the planet to change the orbit and the rotation on our axis to get rid of global warming. No, it didn’t work because they’re still complaining about global warming. I don’t think they found 600 million people to jump at the same time. But regardless, this is the kind of stuff they believe. So what do they do now?

They have to deny the reality of 9/11 to live in the peaceful little phony cocoons they’ve woven for themselves, and now, Putin, even though I, ladies and gentlemen, understand exactly what’s going on, we have a little Napoleonic complex happening here. The guy’s a runt, but he’s KGB. Nobody’s paying attention to him anymore. So he’s dropping this big bomb. We have 15 of these bombs, by the way, that they tested, but we have not used one against an enemy. But they’ve tested it. They’ve got video of the explosion. Lenin said: ‘The West are wishful thinkers. We will give them what they want to think.’ The Russians are saying: ‘Don’t worry about this bomb. It will cause no environmental damage.’ I’m not making this up, folks. The new Ruskie bomb will not cause environmental damage.

Now, the film that they showed testing their bomb illustrated the debris of apartment buildings and armored vehicles at a testing range, as well as ground burned by a massive explosion. As long as they say there is no environmental damage, then the American left is not going to criticize them for this. They can blow up apartment buildings. They can create a giant crater and start a giant fire. And say, ‘There’s no environmental damage with our bomb.’ And the American left says, ‘See, they’re humanitarian warriors. That’s what the Russians are.’ By the way, this is a big day in Russia. We told you about this a couple weeks ago, maybe three. This is Conception Day, September the 12th, in Russia, Family Contact Day. They’re offering prizes to couples. They give them a day off today, and they’re supposed to go copulate. For those of you in Rio Linda, let’s see, they’re supposed to get it on. They’re supposed to produce Russian offspring.

Here’s the problem. The Russian population today is 140 million people. The average male life expectancy in Russia is 57 years. In 30, 40 years, their population of 140 will be 100 million. They are losing population. They do not have adequate birth replacement levels. The main problem is alcoholism. What else is there to do there? Intravenous AIDS — (interruption) no, they kill their illegal immigrants. What do you mean illegal immigrants? You ever heard of Chechnya? For crying out loud, H.R. They don’t want illegal immigrants. At any rate, there are prizes for families that succeed today in producing offspring nine months from now. If a baby is born on National Day — that’s June 12th — they will receive cars, TVs, and other prizes, including SUVs. Their bombs don’t do any environmental damage, and they’re giving away SUVs, and, of course, the American left and the environmentalist wackos will not be critical of the Russians for anything that’s happened. In fact, they’re blaming Bush for it. They’ll blame us being in Iraq for it. ‘The Russians feel threatened by our warrior-like ways,’ I can hear it coming.

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