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RUSH: Dawn, do you think those two guys are listening? I was at home last night, ladies and gentlemen, as I mostly am when I’m here in Florida, minding my own business, bothering no one, and — (interruption) you don’t want me to tell the story? (Laughing) You can’t make me stop telling the story now. These guys like you. It’s not going to change. Oh, my gosh, she’s turning red in there. Dawn is a court reporter, Dawn does the transcriptions — (interruption) I won’t. You just chill in there. Look, I am the highly trained broadcast specialist. I know how to do these things. You could be worried if I were a rank amateur, but I am not. It’s very wifey of you to sit in there and think that I’m going to botch this up. So, anyway, I’m sitting there, she sends me this quick instant message flash, that she’s run into these two guys — (interruption) You interrupted me. Oh! Cat’s out of the bag. She ran into these two guys, they found out she works here, and they blew up.

They started railing on me like you can’t believe, and she said she had more fun in the world defending me than she’s had in a long, long time. It turned out that these guys never listen to the program. She said they’re going to be listening today, so I’ve been thinking, ‘What can I start out with to confirm their dislike and hatred for me?’ (Laughing.) Do what? Well, be self-absorbed and arrogant. Well, I’m that every day. That’s just part of who I am. Anyway, I wanted to tell the story because she got a big kick out of defending me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m holding here in my formally nicotine-stained fingers, a copy of a page from the September, 2007 issue of the Postal Record. The Postal Record is the monthly newsletter of the National Association of Letter Carriers. Now, you might recall we had a call back in August from a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers — by the way, I’m wondering, speaking of the National Association of Letter Carriers, this William Paw, P-a-w, one of the bundlers of Hillary Clinton’s $850 grand. A letter carrier makes $45 grand a year. This family, the Paw family (lots of pets, no money), nevertheless found a way to contribute $255,000 to the Clintons and other Democrats over two years. He’s a letter carrier. So I’m wondering if he’s a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers. They got a good contract according to the caller, but not that good a contract.

Anyway, we had a call from a letter carrier. They had just gotten the previous month’s newsletter, and there were statements from various presidential candidates in there. They’d been allowed to make statements in the letter carrier newsletter. Are you still upset in there? She’s biting her lower lip, ‘Ooh. Ohh.’ You’re worried? (Laughing) The phone caller said, ‘The Republican candidates are not in this newsletter.’ I said, ‘That surprises you? This is a union.’ Well, that drew a letter from the thug president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Bill Young, who excoriated me for taking the word of one of his union members and not investigating the facts for myself. (Laughing.) Turns out, he said that they had offered the Republican candidates a couple paragraphs each, but none of them had accepted. I thought I was pretty good. I read his letter and I acknowledged what he had said. The page of the September ’07 newsletter that I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers is totally devoted to me: ‘Rush’s Judgment Not Impaired by Facts,’ and he goes on to excoriate me for what happened on the program, even though I read his letter on the air and even though I apologized.

I got calls from other letter carriers saying, ‘You backed down to this bully!’ The truth doesn’t matter. It’s what he’s asserting, and as a responsible host, I duly reported it. I also have a press release from the National Association of Letter Carriers. This guy excoriates me, folks, for being wrong and not understanding it, and not understanding that this union is wide open to all points of view. I have a copy of the press release here with the headline: ‘Letter Carriers Union Endorses Hillary Clinton.’ (Laughing.) I wonder if Moe Thacker knows this guy, Bill Young. Moe Thacker is the United Screeners of America union thug, and he represents all the call screeners. So anyway, we have audio sound bites of this. This was yesterday in Washington, DC, and here is none other than Mrs. Clinton.

CLINTON: Mr. President, we don’t need another ‘mission-accomplished’ moment. What we need is honesty and candor.

RUSH: That was after she had been endorsed, before the primaries have even begun, by the National Association of Letter Carriers. I’m not surprised with letter carriers. At least one letter carrier and his family has donated all this money that now has to go back. This letter carrier now has a windfall coming.

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