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Rush’s Morning Update: The Dots
September 14, 2007

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I have a couple stories here that I doubt you’ve heard on your Drive-By newscasts.

# 1, from Baghdad, concerning an attack on our military headquarters. Major-General Kevin Bergner said it appears the attackers, who killed one person, were followers of Moqtada al-Sadr — Mookie — who has been back and forth to Iran. The rocket was Iranian. The Democrats deny it, but everyone following news from Iraq knows that right alongside al-Qaeda terrorists, we’re fighting a proxy war with the radical Islamofascists thugs who run Iran. General Petraeus said as much this week.

We know the Iranians are supplying terrorists and Mookie’s gang with arms. We know that many of the IEDs that have claimed American lives in Iraq are from Iran. We know the hard-line government of Iran wants America out of there, so their influence on the region will be unchallenged. We know Iran wants Israel gone. We know Iran has been snuggling up to other of American foes – Hugo Chavez. And we know the Iranians are actively developing nuclear capabilities and long-range missiles.

#2, this week Senate Democrats who run the Appropriations Committee voted to cut funding the Bush Administration wanted for a U.S. missile defense system in Europe. That system is designed to counter threats from Iran. Democrats are said to be “skeptical” about it.

I hate to put the thought in your head, folks, but if the day comes that we’re unprepared — a nuked-up Iran and thousands of people lay dead — Democrats will, of course, blame Bush, everyone but themselves, for not connecting the dots right in front of their own eyes.

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