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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton had a conference call with reporters, and we had the story yesterday, she’s actually going to try to send a note out with the money going back saying, (paraphrasing) ‘Feel free to send it back in.’ Turns out, this is illegal. Federal Election Commission rules make it illegal. I got a note from a guy who worked on John Anderson’s campaign in 1980, who ran that third-party independent candidacy when Reagan and Carter were battling it out, and they had a snafu. They had to give back $80,000 in donations, and they asked the FEC, ‘Can we include an envelope and a note when we send the check back saying, ‘You can send it back to us if you do it in a legal and right way.’?’ The FEC said, ‘No, you can’t do that.’

So Mrs. Clinton is in violation of the law even suggesting she’s going to do this, if she follows through with it. (Laughing.) The Clintons say, ‘What stinking law is that? Whose laws are you talking about?’


RUSH: Yesterday, during our excursion into broadcast excellence, we had a big story from the Wall Street Journal detailing where Norman Hsu (Hsu Xiao Ling) got his money, $40 million. Where did he get it, and how did it end up with the Clintons? We know how it ended up with the Clintons and the Democrat Party. But where he got it was from a guy named Rosenman who is now a financier on Madison Avenue in New York, and it turns out that Rosenman was one of the guys who founded, and orchestrated, and put on Woodstock in 1967 at Max Yasgur’s farm. I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon after the program that said, ‘Do you realize that Mrs. Clinton has proposed that Congress pay or spend one million dollars to build a Woodstock museum?’ You know, Mrs. Clinton is running around like she didn’t know who Hsu is and she didn’t know where Hsu got his money. She has no idea about this. She’s totally surprised. So I read this e-mail with a lot of interest. Well, my gosh, here’s a connection, if she’s authorizing a million dollars spent for a Woodstock museum! So I looked it up. We did Nexis research, ladies and gentlemen, and have two stories to report to you. The first is from the Des Moines Register July 4th of this year.

‘A tax-cut group Tuesday took aim at a bill sponsored by Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, questioning use of federal money for a Woodstock music festival museum, an online herbarium in New York, and a canoe-making program in Hawaii. Those projects are among more than 1,000 so-called ‘earmarks’ in a spending bill overseen by [Harkin] chairman of an appropriations subcommittee. … Another earmark highlighted by Americans for Prosperity was $1 million for the Museum at Bethel Woods in New York, which according to its Web site seeks in 2008 to interpret the 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. The money was requested by two New York senators, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer.’ Then the Jawa Report on July 17th of this year: ‘Hillary/Schumer want $1 Million For Hippie Museum — How many Troops will have to go without supplies, armor or food because Hillary and Schumer want to fund a church to hippies? ‘The grassroots free-market group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today released a list of Senate earmarks slated to be included in the Fiscal Year 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill. The 1,016 earmarks total nearly $392 million, and include millions for questionable projects such as $1 million in tax dollars for a museum dedicated to recreating the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival…’

Now, you may be thinking, ‘So what, Rush?’ Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve warned you I can’t tell you how many times: Nothing that happens with the Clintons is a coincidence. So we can spend all afternoon connecting the dots, or we can suspend disbelief, and we don’t have to spend all afternoon connecting the dots. Here you have this guy Rosenman who started Woodstock, who somehow gets in business with Hsu. He gives Hsu $40 million for what turns out to be a fraudulent investment scheme. He’s now trying to get the money back. Hsu ends up doing whatever with the money, but some of it ends up back to Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats at large. Mrs. Clinton said, ‘I had no idea who Norman Hsu is! Our vetting process totally broke down. I had no clue. We’re shocked and we’re stunned,’ and blah, blah, blah, blah. But there is that $1 million earmark for a Woodstock museum. By the way, folks, remember all of the whining and the moaning and the complaining when that bridge in Minneapolis took the dumper? ‘We don’t spend enough on infrastructure in our country! We are falling apart! We gotta get people out of Iraq!’ Yet we have $1 million for a Woodstock museum, ladies and gentlemen?

(Playing of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song ‘Woodstock’)

RUSH: I was 18 years old when this happened. I remember it well. Nothing that happens with the Clintons is a coincidence.

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