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“Conservatism is really the essence of compassion. It seeks the best for everybody; it has trust; it has confidence; it has faith in average people overcoming obstacles. Liberalism doesn’t. It doesn’t want people to learn how to do that.”

“People flee modern liberalism wherever it ends up becoming dominant.”

“Throughout my entire life it has never ever crossed my mind once that somebody I once worked for would continue to pay me after I quit.”

“I know people are raised to have certain expectations and people’s horizons are obviously different. Some people have vast horizons, others very narrow. But even those with narrow horizons can be inspired and taught and motivated to broaden their horizons.”

“We are all going to go broke before it is said and done if Democrats have their way. That is exactly what they want.”

“If you travel around and look at the differences in lifestyles in your community, all but a few rare examples, it’s not an accident that some people do very well and others do not. There are reasons for it and they can be tapped into by each and every one of us. Just depends on how much ambition people have.”

“People say, ‘How did you name it the Excellence in Broadcasting Network?’ Well, we didn’t have a network name when we started. I needed one. I said, ‘I’ll just name it after the high level of my performance each day,’ and voila! EIB was born.”

“The answer to what is wrong with America is liberalism.”

“Do not ever fall for this silly notion that we don’t have enough money, that we are not paying enough taxes, and that we need to raise taxes. Folks, these imbeciles in the Drive-By Media are doing more damage with their own closed minded ignorance than they can possibly imagine.”

“Do you know how rare it is for a caller to tell me something I don’t know?”

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