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RUSH: Norman Hsu is going to have a chance to get back out on bail, despite the suicide note, despite all of that. ‘Norman Hsu, the disgraced Democratic fundraiser in custody after jumping his $2 million bail in San Mateo County last week, will be spending an additional week in a Colorado jail — unless he comes up with another $5 million. ‘Two million wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Hsu from running,’ County Court Judge Bruce Raaum said Thursday at a hearing in Grand Junction, Colo. ‘Let’s see if $5 million will do it.’ Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger had asked for $50 million bail, warning that Hsu is an obvious flight risk.’ No kidding. Why any bail? The guy has jumped bail twice, and he was willing to lose $2 million to do it. Are they going to get his passport from him this time? Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, the Hsu story is not going away. The Hsu story, we now learn, has ties to Dingy Harry. The Hsu story has ties to a number of Democrats. It is time to memorialize this via Paul Shanklin in a song exclusively here.

(Chinese Tramps & Thieves.)

RUSH: Chinese Tramps & Thieves sums up the associations made famous by both the Clintons. That’s Hillary Clinton as portrayed by Paul Shanklin, well-known ‘white comedian,’ heard exclusively here on the EIB Network.


RUSH: Oh, yeah, baby. By the way, it was Paul Shanklin’s sister, Carol Shanklin, portraying Hillary Rodham Clinton and the shrill — (interruption) she’s white, too, yes, she’s a sister of a white comedian, a white sister of a white comedian, and by the way, people say the lyric lines are kind of tough to understand. Well, she does a great shrill impersonation of Mrs. Clinton.

One other thing about Norman Hsu here, folks, from the Cybercast News Service: ‘After pledging to return $850,000 raised by fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign vowed this week to do more rigorous background checks of big donors. But some law enforcement officials contend the former first lady — or someone close to her — should have known about Hsu’s fugitive status, given the routine background checks conducted by the U.S. Secret Service on protected persons.’ I wish I’d have thought of this myself. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to the White House. I have to go through a background check every time I’m going to go there. You have to send your Social Security number up there, and they background check everybody that walks in there for any reason whatsoever. It’s the same thing, you know, when Hillary hosted this dinner at the Museum of Modern Art, the restaurant there, where Hsu shows up and Hillary and Hsu show up in the same picture. He has to go through a background check to get in there.

Now, I have mentioned this only because Mrs. Clinton’s acting like she didn’t know, nobody in the campaign knew. It’s not possible. It’s all BS. She knew everything. She didn’t care. That’s the point about this. This is one of these situations you could say, ‘How much did she know and when did she know it?’ Carl Rowan, a federal agent, both the FBI and the US Marshals for a decade — that would be ten years for those of you in Rio Linda — said in an interview that, ”I would absolutely be shocked if the protective intelligence division of the Secret Service was not fully aware of Mr. Hsu’s status as a fugitive.’ The Clinton campaign dismissed the theory. Howard Wolfson said, ‘Sorry, you’re not correct. The Secret Service did not vet Mr. Hsu.” Well, okay, then there’s lax security surrounding Mrs. Clinton, for crying out loud. If people they don’t know can get close to her for a photo-op just coming in with wads of cash…

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