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RUSH: This morning on CBS, co-host Hannah Storm talked to Michelle Ubama: ‘When you look at the poll numbers, your husband really trails with women by some 30 points to Senator Clinton. Can you do something about that? Why is that?’

MRS. OBAMA: You know, I — we are working hard to ensure to the women of America that Barack Obama is who we need, you know, some women just feel like if you — that it’s a woman’s turn, you know, that they just feel like, you know, it’s Hillary’s turn. That I reject because democracy isn’t supposed to be about whose turn it is.

RUSH: Yeah, I know, it’s also not supposed to be about cowardice. I understand it, but I don’t like it. These candidates’ wives have to go out there and be the ones to attack Hillary. Michelle Obama has to go out and do it for her husband, and Elizabeth Edwards has to go out there and do it for the Breck Girl. You just can’t attack the girl. Hillary is a professional at making herself sound like a victim. Oh, yeah, they’re going to really be tough on Al-Qaeda, right, yeah, they’ll be tough on Al-Qaeda. (Spitting) my whatever. This is just — (interruption) you disagree with me on this, Mr. Snerdley? The look on your face is somewhat dubious. Well, I like Mrs. Obama, too. I’m not being critical of Michelle Obama. Let me tell you something. Take your pick of any Republican nominee. Rudy, Fred Thompson, is it going to be their wives that have to go out and attack Hillary? Well, better not be, is my point, too. On the Democrat side, of course, that’s what’s happening.


RUSH: I need to make a correction, ladies and gentlemen. In discussing the fact that Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards are the surrogates that are criticizing Hillary during the Democrat primaries, I asked a question: ‘Do you think this is going to happen with the general, when we get to the general? Is it going to be Fred Thompson’s wife, or Huckabee’s wife, or Rudy’s wife that goes out and attacks Hillary?’ and Snerdley was in there shouting, ‘Better not be! Well, I have to correct myself. Rudy already is, and in a big way, and he’s been doing it all week, and he’s been doing it himself. He’s been all over the place just ripping Hillary one up and one down for her comments on General Petraeus about ‘suspending disbelief.’ Finally got his ad in the New York Times, and he got it for 65 grand. The New York Times, by the way, is explaining this. They’ve changed their story on the pricing of the ad. One of the things that they say is that when you call the advertising department and want to run an ad, the advertising department doesn’t care about the content. They just quote you the price. Remember what I was telling you yesterday: This is what the Times is saying. Apparently there are different rates, depending on what you want and when. If you call up and say, ‘I want full page tomorrow and I want it here,’ then they charge you top of the rate card. If you call up and say, ‘I want a full page wherever it can go, and I want it to run within the next three days,’ then the rate comes down. So the more you demand, the more you pay. That’s what they’re saying. I think Rudy got the rate. I think Rudy got the $65,000 rate. I’m not sure. I’m going to have to double-check that. I’m not sure anybody is actually confirming that, but I, nevertheless, wanted to mention it.


RUSH: Here’s Rudy last night on the Fox News Channel, with Sean Hannity, explaining the ad and the rate that they got.

GIULIANI: Well, we got the rate, and they said they’re going to consider running it tomorrow. If they’re not going to run it tomorrow, they’re going to return our money to us because, apparently, they give that rate if you take a group of days and not one particular day. So we made the point to them that it seemed very suspicious to us that MoveOn.org happened to have it on exactly the day that General Petraeus was testifying, and it seemed to us that we wanted it on the day after the president gave his speech.

RUSH: Yeah. So this is Rudy. We got the rate, exactly what I said to you, if you give them a range of dates, you get the lower rate, so they can plug it in whenever they want. If you demand a specific time, specific place in the paper, then you get the top of the rate card.

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