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Rush’s Morning Update: Highway of Death
September 17, 2007

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My friends, you remember the “Highway of Death” in the first Gulf War, Desert Storm? The fleeing Iraqi forces facing obliteration? Saddam Hussein, a threat to the entire region, looked to be the next target. But “cooler” heads prevailed. Images of America’s military running roughshod over the defeated Iraqis “shocked” the American left and the international community, who drew a line in the sand. So we made peace with Saddam.

But Saddam never honored the terms of his surrender. He went on a mass-murder spree, reconstituted his armed forces and his weapons programs, all financed by billions from the corrupt UN oil-for-food program. Saddam’s violations were so egregious that the Clinton Administration — knee-deep in scandal — began to beat the war drums, threatening to remove Saddam. This is 1998. Of course, Clinton didn’t do anything.

After 9/11, Democrats agreed Saddam had to go. But now, with Saddam a memory, and with the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 fighting us in Iraq, Democrats demand we abandon the fight. In the face of hard-won military achievements, they vilify our generals and call our troops’ victories a failure. They echo Islamofascists’ calls for American defeat — and their anti-Bush, anti-war talking points can’t be distinguished from those of Usama Bin Laden. They demand we retreat, to give a win to the terrorists who want the next Highway of Death to run straight through American cities. And they don’t understand why the rest of us look at them with disdain?

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