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RUSH: Now from Salon.com we have story entitled: ‘So Long White Boy — Could 2008 be the year that Democrats finally admit an old sweetheart is never coming back and stop pandering to the white male voter?’ This is by Thomas F. Schaller. (I’m not sure how his name is pronounced, and I don’t know who he is. He’s not identified here.) ‘Those who have been closely following the politics of the Democratic primaries may have noticed that someone is missing — and I’m not referring to Bob Shrum, the Rev. Al Sharpton or’ anybody else. ‘I’m talking about the white male voter, or at least a certain long-coveted variety thereof. He is variously known as ‘NASCAR dad’ — that shirt-sleeved, straight-talkin’, these-colors-don’t-run fella who votes his cultural values above all else — or ‘Bubba,’ as Steve Jarding and Dave ‘Mudcat’ Saunders affectionately call him in their book, ‘Foxes in the Henhouse.’ Start looking on milk cartons for Bubba because he has vanished, and not a moment too soon: The Democratic obsession with the down-home, blue-collar, white male voter, that heartbreaker who crossed the aisle to the Republicans many decades ago, may finally be coming to a merciful end.’

I don’t even know if this guy understands how elitist and arrogant this guy sounds. (paraphrased) ‘Get rid of those hicks! We don’t want them in the Democrat Party! It’s a waste of time to try to go get ’em,’ is what he’s saying. ‘The simplest explanation for Bubba’s absence to date…’ I want you people to know this, you Bubbas out there — as defined by this guy and other Democrats. You NASCAR-types, you Southern hayseed hicks, this is what they’ve always thought of you. They don’t like you. They don’t want to you in their party. They are embarrassed to have you amongst them, and this guy’s letting it be known. ‘The simplest explanation for Bubba’s absence to date is that none of the 2008 Democratic presidential contenders provides an obvious home for his vote. Despite accusations that Hillary Clinton is prone to dropping her ‘g’s’ when talking to rural or Southern audiences, it’s difficult to imagine the former first lady making overt appeals to a group that regards her with something verging on rabid disgust. Barack [U]bama? The former Chicago street activist is not easily mistaken for a good ole boy. Ditto for Christopher Dodd, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson. But the underlying reason may be demographics. In 1952, according to calculations performed by Emory University political scientist Alan Abramowitz for Salon, white males were nearly half the American electorate.

‘Thanks to the recent growth in the Latino population, however, the white male share is now dropping about a percentage point a year, accelerating a decline that began with the increased enfranchisement of African-Americans and the civil rights era. In next year’s election, white males may account for fewer than one out of three voters. Bubba is no longer a kingmaker. But the candidacy that most testifies to Bubba’s declining stock is that of’ the Breck Girl, and we can all explain this, folks. ‘At first blush, Edwards, the Southern populist, seems ideally suited to corner the market on working-class, white-male voters. But aside from his homegrown accent, Edwards displays none of the affectations or semiotics that might once have signaled his intent to woo them. There are no Lamar Alexander-style flannel shirts. There’s no sponsorship à la Florida Senator Bob Graham four years ago of a NASCAR racing team. Instead, Edwards hammers the issue of economic justice largely if not overtly with overt cultural appeal.’ This is not why Bubba doesn’t go for Edwards! Do I have to say it? Do I have to say why Bubba doesn’t want to go for Edwards? No, I’m not going to say it. I don’t have to say it. He’s not one of them! This guy is a phony, effete, little linguini-spined snob! Can you imagine this guy showing up to start a NASCAR race with the mirror and the hair spray and all this? (sigh) Anyway, the upshot here is that at Salon.com they are happy that you hayseed hick Bubbas, you NASCAR types, are no longer in large enough numbers in this country to make political candidates successful, and they’re happy to be done with you.

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