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Rush’s Morning Update: Sequel
September 18, 2007

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You know, folks, back in the Clinton White House, Mrs. Bill took time from her scandal management duties to lead the attempted takeover of a big portion of the economy. The Clinton health care reform plan was government-heavy, taxpayer-funded, and featured an unprecedented loss of personal freedoms. Once Americans learned the details, they told Mrs. Bill what she could do with her plan — which would require a visit to a proctologist.

Of course, we’ve just learned from a lefty publication that the plan wasn’t even hers; it was her husband’s. Regardless…on the campaign trail today, Mrs. Bill is back with a sequel. Claiming she’s learned the lessons from the previous debacle — Mrs. Bill Clinton unveiled her new American Health Choices Plan.

The first choice is no choice. Participation is mandatory. Every American, regardless of need or desire, would be required to submit. The cost for allegiance is a whopping $110 billion a year — which isn’t the true cost; it never is when it comes to government programs. That’s just the low-ball number to make it sound like she knows how much of your money she wants to confiscate.

Mrs. Bill proposes repealing the hated Bush tax cuts. In other words, a massive tax increase. That money would be redistributed to those Mrs. Clinton deems needy — in the form of a “tax subsidy.” Translation: welfare.

So how’s the sequel different from the first run? Well, it’s the same plot, the same character selling it — only the name has changed in order to fool the gullible, but we ain’t gonna let it happen.

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