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RUSH: You know, we had a rule during the O.J. Simpson trial: ‘No O.J., none of the time,’ and (sigh) I’m really dreading this. I was driving in today, and I put on Fox News Channel. I always do that, for a little while, just to see if there’s been a terrorist incident overnight because I don’t turn on the TV or radio when I get up. I just get up and get out of there as quick as I can. I don’t dillydally around the house. So I turn it on and I hear that Fox has sent a couple reporters to Las Vegas. Oh, no! Here it goes again, the whole thing. So I said, ‘We gotta get him out of this just for the sake of the country’s psyche. We gotta get him out of this. We can’t have any interminable trials on television. We can’t have any more Judge Itos, can’t have any more Larry Kings sitting in the courtroom shaking hands with everybody. We can’t have this. The country has enough going on without having this.’ So I came up with the perfect O.J. defense, folks, and I’ve got it. It’s cultural! What he did here is cultural. When you come from an experience — because of your race — where the cops ain’t going to help you when you’ve got problems, you gotta go do it without the cops.

You just say it’s cultural, O.J. You just had to take matters into your own hands. You stop and think about this. Do you remember the LAPD and Fuhrman and those boys how they were excoriated? I can’t believe the Las Vegas PD would do this if they didn’t have this buttoned down tight as it can be. There is no police department that wants to go through what the LAPD went through. So they must have something. We saw the tape of O.J. threatening, ‘You can’t steal my blank.’ Well, it wouldn’t surprise me, ladies and gentlemen, if… (sigh) No. I’m not going to speculate because I don’t really know that. So I won’t speculate. But I’ve given him the defense. It’s cultural. The cops won’t help you when you’re black. You gotta do it without them. You just have no choice. His stuff had been stolen. He knew if he went to the cops they would just laugh at him. ‘You deserve to have it stolen,’ they would say, so he had to go take matters into his own hands.

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