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RUSH: This is from the UK Daily Mail: ‘Six out of 10 Britons would not be motivated to do more exercise even if their lives depended on it, a poll has found. This is despite one person dying…’ Now, get this. Get this next claim. In Great Britain, this newspaper says that one person dies ‘every 15 minutes as a result of physical inactivity, according to British Heart Foundation figures.’ I kid you not! It’s right here. Now, look, if you want to find out what we’re headed for with HillaryCare, just take a look at some of the shenanigans that are happening in the UK. It is absurd. But now you’ve got the British Heart Foundation saying, ‘Yep, every 15 minutes a person dies from lack of physical activity.’ That is a claim that cannot be established. It simply cannot be established. ‘The charity’s survey also found that only a third of UK adults achieve the minimum recommended amount of exercise — 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week. Yet increasing the heart rate for just 30 minutes a day can cut the risk of heart disease in half.’

Prove that! Has anybody ever heard of Jim Fixx? Prove this! Prove all these things. They give you five easy things here, for you idiots who don’t know a thing. You have no idea how to live right. So here are ‘five easy things’ from the UK Daily Mail that you can do ‘to fit exercise into your routine:

• Park your car a 15-minute walk from work or take a brisk walk to your bus stop or train station in the morning.
• Allow yourself 20 minutes to go for a stroll at lunchtime. The fresh air and exercise will help clear your head for the afternoon.
• Take the stairs — even if you are a few floors up. Also try walking up escalators.
• Clean your house — the tiresome task will help your heart.
• Bored of solo exercise such as jogging? Try taking a local dance class. From salsa and Ceroc to belly dancing there is a huge range to choose from!’

They put this in a news story! (interruption) They’re assuming everybody’s house is dirty. Well, it is, isn’t it? Mine isn’t, either, but that’s because I take steps. Other people exercise, but don’t clean theirs. I’ve been to dumps before. You have, too. Some people that have dirty houses out there. Guys, this is a deadly serious issue. With our busy lifestyles and labor-saving devices, we’re getting the exercise we need. One person every 15 minutes dies because they’re lazy! Do you know laziness is a cause of death in the UK now?

Wait ’til they factor this into their health care program and mandate that you do exercise. Is Mrs. Clinton going to do this? They’re going to have to cut costs somehow, folks, because it will spiral out of control. I ought to contribute to this. I ought to do the Rush Limbaugh Exercise Video, and it would feature things like the following. If you’re watching television: Everybody has remote controls. Put the remote down, but instead of changing channels from your couch, walk to the TV. Change channels at the TV, and then walk back to the couch. That’s number one. Also, that will exercise the finger. It’s very important to exercise the finger. You never know when it’s going to be needed, and you get exercise changing the channels. Think of it! As many times as you changed channels today, walk to the TV every time like you had to in the old days. You had to go up there to change the channels before they had the remotes. Now just do this. Pretend that there is no remote. Go up there and use the remote because there’s no manual way to change the channel on many TVs today.

The second thing to do: instead of microwaving popcorn when you’re going to watch TV, actually go to the kitchen, get a pot and pan, get some oil (preferably coconut oil if you can find it) and the popcorn. Put it in a pan, turn on the stove, and shake it. You will get great exercise! Would this not be a great exercise video? Also, when it comes time to pack, go to your closet with your staff member, open the door and point to what you want packed and say, ‘I need this in a half hour,’ rather than sending them an e-mail. That will require you to climb the steps to your closet if it’s upstairs. There are any number of ways that we can illustrate how we can all get a little bit more exercise, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m thinking of doing this video to mock these idiots. One person dying every 15 minutes from laziness? Cut me a break! I’m not an idiot!

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