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RUSH: This is Martin in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hi, Martin. It’s nice to have you on Open Line Friday on Thursday.

CALLER: Maha Rushie. Hey, I gotta know: What did Rio Linda ever do to you?

RUSH: Hmm, not much. I offered to move there if they would change the name to Limbaugh, California, and they didn’t do that. But that didn’t offend me. That didn’t bother me.

CALLER: (Garbled)

RUSH: (Speaking garbled) to you, too. I guess he’s asking me about Rio Linda. He wants to know what Rio Linda did. Well is… Well, Sacramentans get upset if I refer to it as a ‘suburb,’ but Rio Linda is a charming little place. You drive down the main drag, and the cars that belong to each house are on concrete blocks in the front yard — most of them stripped — washing machines and dryers on the front porches. I drove through this place when I first moved to Sacramento. I said, ‘This is great.’ So it’s just my pet little community to mock. They love it out there. In fact, as a result of this, property values have actually skyrocketed over the course these 22, 23 years in Rio Linda. Martin, thanks for the call.

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