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RUSH: This is David in Amherst, Massachusetts. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey, conservative dittos, Rush, from the bluest spot in the bluest state.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I’ve been there.

CALLER: Hey, I’ve got a quick question for you.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: My dad has the bust of Ronald Reagan that I got him from the Reagan library, and he also has a bust of Winston Churchill. What he and I would really like, though, is a bust of Rush Limbaugh, and I think you should sell them over the EIB Store online. You’d make obscene profits.

RUSH: You know, I’ve never been much of a bust guy. I’ve never thought about that.

CALLER: Well, you could have a bust, you know, whether you wanted one or not, but the rest of us are the ones who would be buying them and would like them. We look up to you.

RUSH: You know, busts, those are for truly great, unique people of incredible, incredible achievement and stature.

CALLER: Well, how many Rush Limbaughs are there?

RUSH: Well, that’s a good point, I was just thinking, I do qualify. Well, we always take customer suggestions. You got a good idea, we’ll put it in the hopper. Like what size are you talking about?

CALLER: Oh, I’m talking about just something kind of small, like the one that I got of Reagan is probably maybe 12 inches high.

RUSH: Oh, okay, I thought you meant something that’s like 18 or 24 inches high.

CALLER: No, no, no —

RUSH: Something like you’d find in the Capitol Rotunda.

CALLER: No. My wife wouldn’t let me put that on the mantle.

RUSH: Okay. Something like a bookend bust kind of thing?


RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, I’ll do one when I had hair and one when I was — yeah, we could do a whole bunch of different busts, the different weights that I’ve been over the course of my life.

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