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RUSH: Now, the Reverend Jackson was on CNN’s American Morning this morning, and the cohost, Kiran Chetry, said, ‘A Columbia, South Carolina, newspaper, the State, is reporting you were unhappy with presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, and that you criticized him for acting like he’s white.’

JACKSON: That is an unfortunate misinterpretation. Fact is, I endorse Barack without solicitation and support him today unequivocally. So we will not let that be a diversion from our support of this campaign —

CHETRY: I have to say, our producers did call the paper, and they did say that they stand by their reporter, that you did make those comments, that Obama is acting like he’s white. What did you mean by that statement?

JACKSON: I have not in any way engaged in the degrees-of-blackness debate. I think he is black, he’s Hispanic, and he’s brilliant. I support him, and I stand by that position.

(Playing of ‘Barack, the ‘Magic Negro” spoof.)

(Playing of Justice Brothers spoof.)

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