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RUSH: You know, I have to say this, folks. Yesterday had to be the most profoundly insightful program of the year. Any columnist, any editorialist, any journalist, any pundit would love to have one profound insight a day. I had several profundities yesterday. I had four profundities. We could call it a multiple info-gasm yesterday. One of the profundities was my analysis of Mrs. Clinton’s statement to George Stephanopoulos, and we’re going to play it again for you today. In fact, grab cut eight. Let’s just play it again right now. She was on Stephanopoulos on Sunday, and Stephanopoulos said, ‘Can you pledge that all US troops will be home over the course of your first term as president?’

HILLARY: You know, I’m not going to get into hypotheticals and make pledges because I don’t know what I’m going to inherit, George. I don’t know, and neither do any of us know, what will be the situation in the region; how much more aggressive will Iran have become; what will be happening in the Middle East; how much more of an influence will the chaos in Iraq have in terms of what’s going on in the greater region; will we have pushed Al-Qaeda in Iraq out of their strongholds with our new partnership with some of the tribal sheiks, or will they have regrouped and retrenched?

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I’m certainly not the only one that heard her say this, but I’m the only one that pointed out — by the way, not only did I point it out, I predicted this months ago. I warned everybody, the dirty little secret is if Mrs. Clinton wins the White House, she’s not getting out of Iraq. They’re not going to saddle themselves with defeat. She sounds like George W. Bush here. The only person in the Drive-By Media who has picked up on this is David Brooks today in the New York Times. His point is that if Mrs. Clinton can sound like George W. Bush in the midst of a primary campaign where she has to please the wacko kook fringe and the Democrat blogosphere, Brooks’s point is, they may not be all that powerful after all. His point is she has to be a centrist to win. Conservatives at the New York Times love the center. Everybody inside the Beltway is in love with the center. But he’s the only guy that even referenced this. This is simply amazing. Mrs. Clinton is flip-flopping every day. When she’s talking about being president as opposed to talking as a senator, she has a totally different view on the Middle East. So that was the one thing I contrasted yesterday. She revealed her real war strategy.

The second profundity was the president of Columbia University Lee Bollinger accidentally revealing that he knows that we are at war with terrorists and that it is crucial to the security of this country. I haven’t seen hardly anybody react at all to what he said. They’re still debating such things as why did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say there aren’t any homosexuals in Iran? And we’re going to get to that. Chris Matthews tried to explain it last night. It is funny. They don’t have any because when they find them they kill ’em. They execute them, just like they execute women for looking the wrong way when out of the burqa. Now, this guy’s invited to speak, and everybody talks about that it’s a free speech issue. It wasn’t a free speech issue, because nobody in this country, under the First Amendment, folks, has the right to be heard. Everybody confuses the right to free speech with the right to be heard. Nobody has the right to be heard. He was under no obligation, the president of Columbia, to invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

A lot of things happened. He got some threats from alumni and others are going to cut off funding and stop making donations. I’m sure he just wanted some attention for his school and thought he’d be applauded in liberal circles for his openness and free speech devotion. By the way, there’s no free speech in academe in this country. Larry Summers was fired at Harvard for what he had to say about women and men and their test results in math and science. The same Larry Summers who was the treasury secretary for Clinton, the same Larry Summers who was dis-invited to speak at UC Davis last week because the female faculty out there PMSed over the whole thing. Freedom of speech, give me a break! There’s no freedom of speech in academe. There’s no freedom of speech in the American left. That’s why we have political correctness, so they won’t have to be bothered hearing what they don’t want to hear.

This is the same Columbia University which forced the Minuteman speaker off the stage. Stanford University, the Hoover Institution out there, wants to hire Rumsfeld, and the faculty at Stanford is going nuts. ‘We can’t have a murdering tyrant warmonger like Rumsfeld on our campus.’ Wall Street Journal editorializes about this today. So don’t give me this free speech business. Here’s the main problem with having Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak at your University or anywhere in this country. You ought to see the way the Iranian media is treating his speech. ‘He was greeted with multiple standing ovations, the students loved him.’ ‘He told the American students that Iran wants no war, that they have nothing but love in their country.’ Did not mention the gay remarks, didn’t mention anything that Lee Bollinger said to him, and so it serves Mahmoud’s purposes and the Middle East purposes, pure propaganda. That’s why he shouldn’t have been invited. We can talk about how good Bollinger was, we can talk about how rotten Ahmadinejad was. Point is, he shouldn’t have been invited.

Nobody was obligated to invite him, and, once he showed up, he had no right to be heard. Of course, the Drive-Bys were all over this and loving it. But the bottom line is, in addition to Mrs. Clinton revealing her real war strategy and that introduction of Ahmadinejad yesterday by Lee Bollinger, we found out that the academy has people in it that actually do sound just like George W. Bush and think the same things that George W. Bush does and the rest of us think about the national security threat that we face as posed by Islamofascist terrorists. And yet, where has this been for the last five years? Where has this been for the last four years? Is it in the classrooms at Columbia? Doubt it. But what did he do? He revealed that he knows that we are at war with terrorists. So in these two things, Mrs. Clinton and Lee Bollinger, the left — Mrs. Clinton, a presidential candidate, this guy running Columbia — just took the mask off, took all the camouflage off. They blew the lid on their cover. We found out what they really think.

The third profundity yesterday, Mrs. Clinton accidentally revealed her health care plan is a phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller thing because she said that it’s not for illegals. Well, not true, because she also said last week that in order to go to a job interview, you have to prove you have health insurance. But if illegals aren’t going to be able to be insured, then they’re not going to theoretically be able to get a job. We also have some fascinating news on health care and how it’s deteriorating in Great Britain. There is no evidence anywhere in the world to suggest that anything like Mrs. Clinton’s plan would work, and yet nobody is analyzing it other than on this program in a serious way. Nobody is pointing out the fallacies, the hypocrisy of either Mrs. Clinton on the war or Lee Bollinger on the war. The fourth profundity yesterday — and we are going to illustrate it with audio sound bites today — is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on stage at Columbia mouthing, rattling off Democrat Party talking points just as he did Sunday night on 60 Minutes. What we’re going to do today, folks, you don’t want to miss this. We’ve got statements made by Ahmadinejad, and we have similar statements made by various Democrats, from Russ Feingold to Dick Turban, to John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, by the way, the haughty John Kerry.

We don’t just sit here and make these assertions. ‘My gosh, he sounds just like a Democrat.’ We are going to show you how Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Bin Laden, they sound exactly like Democrats. Talking about Katrina Sunday night on 60 Minutes and Abu Ghraib, he got mad at his interrogator, Scott Pelley of CBS. Now, a confession from me, ladies and gentlemen. Deep down, your host, that would be me, has as much braggadocio as he does mistresses in every state out there. But I have to tell you — finally Dawn is laughing when I mention this — I have to tell you, I’m really proud of yesterday’s program, and I’m even prouder — I don’t often say that I’m proud of the program. Ask Mr. Snerdley. Most of the time after a program, I’ll focus on what I coulda done better.

Yesterday I was proud of that program beginning to end, even prouder today because a day later, you still cannot find anything that happened on this program, any analysis, any truthful analysis on this program, you cannot find this stuff anywhere on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the LA Times. In fact, Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post has a column where she talks about Ahmadinejad being a great democrat with a small d. Not missing the whole, whole point of his appearance yesterday at Columbia.

Quick time-out here, folks. Off to a rousing start. By the way, we don’t need to go to the doctor as often now, according to the latest research. Eight hours of sleep is too much, you get too much it will kill you, if you get not enough sleep, it will kill you. We are going to die, folks, we are going to die.


RUSH: Chicago, we start with you, Nick, on the phones today. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. As you rightly pointed out, Mrs. Clinton is making contradictory statements of policy, i.e., no free health care for illegal immigrants, and now let’s stay in Iraq. She’s being disingenuous. So Maha Rushie, who is the real Mrs. Clinton, where does Mrs. Lockbox really stand?

RUSH: I can see why some people might think this is a good question. On the Iraq answer — and, by the way, have you seen the story, to set my answer to the question up, have you seen the story, ‘Bush Quietly Advising Hillary Clinton and Top Democrats?’ Have you seen that? This is one of the most misleading headlines. I saw this headline and I said, ‘What the hell now?’ I felt like when I was out there in Nebraska and I opened up the iPhone and I saw that Greenspan said we went to war in Iraq for oil, and I said what the hell is this? Then I read the story, and it makes all the sense in the world. In fact, it may even be one of the reasons Mrs. Clinton answered Stephanopoulos the way she did on Sunday. Bill Sammon’s got a book coming out. He’s a White House correspondent for the Examiner. He says that the president’s quietly providing back-channel advice to Hillary, urging her to modulate her rhetoric so she can effectively prosecute the war in Iraq if she’s elected president. In an interview in this book by Bill Sammon, called The Evangelical President, the chief of staff of the White House, Josh Bolten, said that Bush has been urging candidates, (paraphrasing) ‘Don’t get yourself too locked in where you stand right now because if you end up sitting where I sit, things can change dramatically,’ especially if it’s a Democrat. The president wants to create the conditions where a Democrat not only will have the leeway, but the obligation to see this out.

What he’s basically doing is saying, ‘Look, I understand you guys playing politics. I understand you’re running for the Democrat nomination, and I understand who your base is. But if one of you happens to win, you’re going to be sitting where I sit, and you’re going to have a totally different view of this, and you know it, and you’d better not get yourself into positions now where you have to take a losing position once you become president because you’ve campaign promised to do it.’ And so, bam, Mrs. Clinton totally changes her tone, and gives that answer to Stephanopoulos. Now, I don’t know if Bush’s answer or his back-channel efforts had any effect on Mrs. Clinton, because I’ve said before we learned of this, because this is not hard to figure out, if a Democrat’s elected president, they’re not pulling us out of Iraq.

It could be John Kerry. They’re not pulling us out of Iraq. They’re not going to do it. So in the sense of who is Mrs. Clinton, in that answer she was being honest. She’s not going to pull us out of Iraq. However, the real Hillary Clinton is a committed leftist, a committed socialist. Look at her rhetoric. We had it yesterday. Shared responsibility, take things away from people, make life more equal, the government should be the agent of change in matters like this. She’s bad news. She’s bad news all the way around. There’s no two ways about it. There’s nothing centrist about her. There’s nothing moderate about her. She’s learned from her take-it-all-in-one-big-bite mistakes from the first Clinton term. The worst thing about this is they put two of them back in there. If you want to go through a soap opera again it’s up to you, folks, I guess.

Ed in Fort Myers, Florida, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, mega dittos from across the state.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I noticed something when you played that Hillary clip yesterday when she was on Stephanopoulos on Sunday, and she said that we’re going to have to continue working with our partners, the sheiks in Anbar province, which directly contradicts her colleague there, Chucky Schemer, who said that sheiks are doing this on their own in spite of our efforts over there in Anbar.

RUSH: That’s the point. This was the reason for the profundity yesterday. She totally sold out all those people. She totally sold ’em out for real. Now, it’s not being reported, not a lot is being made of it in the Drive-By Media. It’s cover-her-tracks time. It’s easier to do that, than her behind. But I’m telling you, folks, this was made just like the president of Columbia, coming out and admitting he knows that we are at war with terrorists, and he knows that we’re at war with Iran, and he knows that they pose great threats, and he knows it is serious. So the entire foundation of the liberal Democrat Party’s reason for existing the last four years was just thrown upside down by Hillary Clinton and Lee Bollinger at Columbia University.

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