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RUSH: I have the San Francisco Chronicle in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers here today. It’s a story by their Washington bureauette reporter Carolyn Lochhead: ‘Even if Democrats Win White House, Troops Likely to Remain in Iraq.’ Now, where did you first hear that, and how long ago? You first heard it on this program back in March or April. The light bulbs are starting to go off there in the Drive-By Media and with the rest of the Democrats. They’re slowly getting around to seeing the point that I was making since Monday about Mrs. Clinton’s comments about staying in Iraq after she is elected president, when she said it on George Stephanopoulos’ show. ‘The leading Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, steadfastly refused as recently as Sunday’s round of talk shows to promise that all U.S. forces would be withdrawn if she is elected. … Charles Kupchan, who worked in the National Security Council under President Bill Clinton…’

People ask, ‘Rush, what’s so important about this? Of course it’s true. Why do you keep harping on it?’

My friends, let me explain why I keep harping on this to you and why it is crucial. I’m glad for the question. Sometimes I assume everybody’s on the same page with me. This is not Social Security. This is not the SCHIP program. This is not some domestic policy thing. This is about the national security of our country. It is about the defense of the United States of America. For the last four years, the Democrat Party — aided and abetted by its insane, deranged, and delusional base — has been trying to undermine US victory. They have invested in — and as you’ve heard me say, now own — the concept of defeat. All along, it has been a lie. Now, they have been trying to secure it. They have been trying to secure defeat, primarily to destroy the Bush presidency, to enable their easier ascension to the White House 2008 — and they don’t care if they destroy the country in the process. Ah, they’ll fix it when they get back in power. They have been lying to the American people, and their lies have shown up throughout the Drive-By Media, and the Drive-By Media and the fringe base have all bought the notion that the Democrats in the ’06 election was about getting out of Iraq.

The Democrats are not going to take us out of Iraq. The reason why this is important is they have been lying to their own voters, they have been lying to the American people, and their lies have been amplified across the Drive-By Media, on an issue that matters. US national security is at the top of the list. It’s more important than Social Security reform or anything, because all that stuff’s academic if the country isn’t adequately defended against future attacks. And they have not been on the same page. They have been actively undermining that, knowing full-well that if they were in power they would do nothing different than what Bush has done, in the sense they wouldn’t pull troops out of there. They wouldn’t pull an immediate withdrawal. They wouldn’t put a date certain on it. They wouldn’t do any of this. They never have when they’ve been in the White House. Clinton never met his promised withdrawal dates out of Bosnia. FDR didn’t fight World War II this way. Well, yeah, you could say Bay of Pigs, but that was a botched operation when we got out of there. This is not a botched operation.

They’ve been trying to say that it is. So that’s the only reason I’m harping on this. I’m interested in truth, and especially on an issue like this, and if the Democrat Party is going to lie to the country and is going to have their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media lie to the country about what Democrats actually want to do, then it’s important — because if they’re lying about this, what else are they lying about? And it’s irresponsible. So now, for some reason, Mrs. Clinton has been forced into the open and asked the question, ‘What will you do as president?’ She could not say, ‘Well, I’m pulling them out of there.’ She could, but it wouldn’t work. Because the bottom line is she’s not going to. She would have to pull a stunt shortly after her inauguration. ‘I had no idea what the Bush administration hid from me, and all of us. Why, I have been privy to information that I didn’t know. It is much, much too serious. I was in the dark. We can’t pull out,’ and that would be tough.

Plus, you know, she can’t get elected if all she does is make a play for these kooks, these delusional freaks that make up the Democrat Party base. These people cannot be happy. MoveOn.org has been thrown overboard. Now Mrs. Clinton’s basically thumbed her nose at the anti-war movement and said, ‘Ah, we can’t pull out.’ So where does the anti-war movement go? Hopefully, they will create riots at the next Democrat National Convention, like they did in 1968. And that’s not out of the realm of possibility, because these people are delusional and they are deranged, and their sole reason for existence has been to get out of Iraq and secure US defeat. And they’ve been told by their elected Democrats that that’s exactly what the Democrats are going to do, and now Mrs. Clinton just said, ‘You know what? I’ve been lying to you all along. I have no intention of pulling the troops out of there. Ha-ha-ha.’ Now, they’re aged — these are the Sixties relics from Jurassic Park still hanging on. They can’t recruit any younger members. But we’ll see.

RUSH: Jill in Ithaca, New York, you’re first today on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.


CALLER: You know, you said you’re right most of the time. Well, that’s true, you’re a little bit right of Attila the Hun most days.

RUSH: Oh, thank you.

CALLER: Oh, thank you.

RUSH: I’m sitting in his chair right now at the institute.

CALLER: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. So, you know, I’m not politically correct, I guess, but you seem to like that, so that’s fine, and I don’t know, do you read the papers because the Democrats did try to get us out of Iraq, and back in May they pulled an all-nighter to try to do that.

RUSH: Jill.

CALLER: So don’t you dare say they’re not trying.

RUSH: Jill.

CALLER: That’s not true, Rush.

RUSH: Jill.

CALLER: Yes, that’s my name.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Well, I know it’s your name. Do you realize how they’ve duped you? Do you realize that all-night session was —

CALLER: I don’t feel duped. I’m an intelligent woman.

RUSH: You can’t possibly be. You can’t be intelligent and not be duped.

CALLER: Oh, I’ve been duped. You’ve been duped by President Bush, as you all have, because where are those weapons? I’m still looking for weapons, Rush. Come on.

RUSH: Jill, can we stay on topic and not go back to that? In order to do that, Jill, I will stipulate, there were no weapons, we shouldn’t have gone and we’ve botched it.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Can we move forward now?

CALLER: Oh, we can try.

RUSH: Can we move forward? Why get out, Jill, why lose? Why wave the white flag? Why do you want to lose, Jill? What’s in it for the United States of America to lose, Jill?

CALLER: Rush, what does winning mean to you?

RUSH: We’re the United States of America, and they are the enemy.

CALLER: Rush, could you tell me what winning would mean, just tell me what it would look like.

RUSH: Absolutely. What the original mission has always been about. Iraq stands alone as a functioning democracy, able to defend and protect itself against enemies in that region. Hell, yes, there’s a great definition of victory, and it’s totally attainable. Jill, you have called here in a confrontational, argumentative fashion, I know of no reason why you would do this, but I want to explain how you’ve been duped. The Democrats have no intention of getting out of Iraq. Mrs. Clinton said so on Sunday. Could you give me your reaction to that?

CALLER: She didn’t not say we’re getting out, she just didn’t want to make a statement at that point.

RUSH: Jill, you don’t hear what you don’t want to hear. Let me tell you something. I will admit to you, they’ve tried to get out, I don’t dispute that, but not because of any reason other than owning defeat, hanging it around Bush’s neck to destroy his presidency, so they can win in ’08. The fact is that all-nighter you talk about was never intended to do anything but be a PR stunt and show people like you that they were listening to you and that they cared to try to impress you. They had no intention of succeeding. That’s why they canceled a bunch of votes in the overnight session. They had no intention, Jill, and Mrs. Clinton has made it plain as numerous other Democrats are starting to, that they are not going to get out of Iraq if they win the White House. You gotta understand this. There’s no way they’re going to saddle themselves with defeat. It’s time you wake up and understand how you have been lied to by the people who you think are doing your bidding. I say this to you with love and compassion and hope that you will see the truth about the party you support, because they are not trying to do what you think they want to do. And they are not going to do it when they have the power to do it, and I want you to remember my saying this on September 26th of 2007. Thanks for the call, I think.


RUSH: Look, folks, calm down out there, will you? I just checked the e-mail. I was not agreeing that we shouldn’t have gone to Iraq, that there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction, and that we’ve botched it since we got there. I was stipulating it just to move beyond where most liberal mush-heads are these days. You heard her say, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’ I just wanted to move beyond that, and the best way is to stipulate it for the sake of the discussion, and then say, ‘So now why do you want to lose?’ That’s what happened. I was just stipulating it because I’m not going to sit here and debate weapons of mass destruction with some deranged lunatic from the Democrat base.


RUSH: Remember the phone call from young Jill in Ithaca, New York, who told me I was lying about the Democrats staying in Iraq if any of them are elected president. I had made this prediction since April. I played the audio sound bite of Mrs. Clinton from last Sunday. There’s no way that you can hear that and misinterpret it. Mrs. Clinton said she wasn’t going to get into hypotheticals and then precisely went into hypotheticals. She said, ‘Well, I don’t want to get into hypotheticals, but if I am elected,’ which is a hypothetical. Then after that, ‘If I’m elected, I don’t think we’re going to be able to pull out of there, look at what’s going on,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now, how can you hear that and not hear it? The only explanation is if you are a liberal. This is one of the many things I have been trying to instruct people. They have this cocoon that they have intricately woven, inside of which they survive and live. Anything that challenges that cocoon, their little safety net, they don’t hear. Mrs. Clinton just told the anti-war Democrats of this country she’s not pulling out of Iraq if she’s elected president. They don’t want to hear it, and so they don’t. So when somebody, like me, plays the sound bite and then unarguably analyzes it, why, what did I say last hour? Truth becomes impolite; truth becomes confrontational; truth becomes offensive, and they run to the phones to tell me I am the liar. This, sadly, my friends, is who we’re dealing with. These people think they’re the ones that are open-minded. They think they’re the ones whose minds are not closed. It’s not only that their minds are closed, it is their entire world. They live in these alternate universes where truth is only what they want things to be. Quite instructive.


RUSH: Larry in Walla Walla, Washington, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, honor to speak with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Two things I would like to point out. One is if people think that we should be getting out of Iraq, all we have to do is look what happened the last time we moved out. When we pulled out, there was hundreds of thousands of people killed because they helped us and, because we pulled out, those people are dead.

RUSH: You’re talking about Gulf War One? You’re talking about in the early nineties?

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Another thing is that if the Democrats would be behind the war, the people that were fighting would think that we were serious about it. The way they’re looking at it now is they’re hearing half the country is wanting us to pull out, so all they’re saying is, ‘Hey, if we stay in there a little longer, we’re gonna win. We’re gonna run ’em out because the people want ’em out.’ But if everybody is been behind the war, they’ll crumble a lot faster. That’s my feeling on that.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, but the Democrats can’t — especially the base — now join the victory caucus on the war. They’re too far over the cliff. There’s no turning back now. They can’t. You know, analyzing why they want to get out of there and under what circumstances would they support is moot. There is no logical reason why they want to lose. It’s purely emotional, and the idea that they would ever become supporters of the war is also moot. Now, if Hillary’s elected, and she doesn’t pull the troops out, the Democrats who have voted for her will support her, but there still will be a kook fringe base out there that is going to be livid. I said earlier today (I’m not predicting it) I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to cause some trouble at the Democrat convention. I think it’s in Denver, and the Republicans are in Minneapolis next summer. So, anyway, it will be interesting. I think even if a Democrat is in the White House, they’re so now committed to anti-war — and they don’t even know why. They just are.

I think one large part of the explanation is they just hate the military. They just despise it, and any time the military succeeds, they just go bonkers. They think the US military is the focus of evil in the modern world, that along with George W. Bush. But, you know, you make a good point out there, Larry, about if we leave now, we’re just going to have to go back. We really didn’t finish the job in Gulf War One. We really didn’t finish it then, and had we, things would have been different. We did have to go back, and if we don’t take care of things now, we’re going to have to go back at some point. There’s no getting around that unless we happen to be led by people who are going to be happy to see us defeated, which I just cannot imagine. I don’t even want to imagine it. So we’re going to have to go back if we pull outta here now. But it’s tough to speak to irrational people. I said earlier in the program today: ‘Folks, I long for the good old days, when the ugly knew they were ugly and didn’t try to change it, and when the stupid knew they were stupid. But now the stupid think they’re the smartest people in the room.’ You know, it’s frustrating. You can’t talk to them.

RUSH: Dan, in Prescott, Arizona, thanks for waiting and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, giga dittos from flyover country here.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, second-time caller and I just wanted to let you know my son’s currently in Iraq. He knows why we’re there. In fact, he just let me know he’s reading your book, Rush is Right, and wants more books like that, so a lot of his buddies over there really appreciate it.

RUSH: Well, God bless you and God bless him on behalf of all of us here.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to respond to your earlier caller. Jill, I think her name was.

RUSH: Yeah, she’s from Ithaca.

CALLER: Yeah. And it just irks me when they identify themselves as being an intelligent man or an intelligent woman, implying that anybody who has a different opinion or belief than what they are putting out, we’re just stupid like Bush or Reagan, just their usual argument.

RUSH: I know, it’s irritating. Arrogance, cockiness, condescension, those human character traits are perhaps some of the most irritating to me as well.

CALLER: Exactly. It just seems they’re the ones that are intolerant.


CALLER: They’re not open-minded. Their idea of open debate is throwing a pie at somebody’s face.

RUSH: They’re living in cocoons. They got offended by the truth, Dan.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: I’ve got this babe figured out. First of all, you gotta understand, where is Ithaca? It’s in New York. What is in Ithaca? Cornell. So here’s how any deductive, detective-like reasoning works on this. Jill is probably a good-looking chick.

‘Why does that matter?’

If you stick with me here, you’ll see how it matters. She’s probably a good-looking woman. For her to spout that nonsense, unchecked and unchallenged for years, it means that quite a few guys have a good reason to put up with that bilge and garbage and not argue with her. They’ll do anything to make her think she’s profound to end up where they want to end up. The words will go in one ear and out the other. They don’t care what she says or thinks. I’m convinced, because this is how she gets away with believing all this stuff for all these years. She probably goes to Cornell. She sounded young enough to be a college co-ed to me, and probably both men and women think that she’s good-looking enough to let her think that she’s profound. Now, you might think this is sexism and it may well be in your mind, but it’s not. This is detective work at its best, studying human nature. This woman believes things that are 180-degrees wrong. Yet nobody has ever challenged her. She listens to an audio sound bite of Hillary Clinton and refuses to hear what Mrs. Clinton is saying. Mrs. Clinton says (paraphrased), ‘Hey, if I’m president, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull out of Iraq right away. We got a situation that’s going to depend on a lot of things.’ She doesn’t want to hear that so she didn’t hear it — and who wants to get into an argument, if you’re in college, with a pretty woman? They say, ‘Okay, this is what she thinks. Let’s go get some fries,’ or what have you. So we try to explain the irrational, closed-mindedness of these people, and I think this is one of those explanations that it would be difficult for anyone to refute.

RUSH: Oklahoma City, this is Mark, great to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Rush, unlike the fake Army corporal who incidentally sounds like he’s on a fast track to becoming a state senator in Massachusetts —

RUSH: Journalist, journalist.

CALLER: — my son has served two terms over in Iraq —

RUSH: (applauding)

CALLER: — and says we’re doing a great work over there. I don’t understand, Rush, why we can’t see the big picture. Republicans are seeing the big picture. The Democrats, Biden, Hillarag [sic], Ted Kennedy, those people, all they see is people are dying today. The big picture is, if we don’t do something — if we don’t win this time — al-Sadr is going to be the leader of Iraq.

RUSH: Mookie.

CALLER: What will that mean for our people?

RUSH: It will be bad for the Iraq people. It will be bad for the whole Middle East, because Mookie al-Sadr is simply a stooge for Ahmadinejad.

CALLER: He is.

RUSH: That’s where he goes to seek refuge when the heat gets turned up. He flees. He leaves his little al-Sadr army there to take the bullets, and he flees to Iran for safe haven and advice from Ahmadinejad and his crew. No, you’re absolutely right about this. But you’re given the Democrats too much credit. They’re not interested in the big picture. Mark, they’re not interested in it at all. You have to understand what this is. This is about destroying and has been about destroying, the Bush presidency, by engineering an embarrassing equal to defeat. That’s what this is about. They don’t want to hear good news! They’re not thinking long-term consequences. This is the ultimate ‘me, me, me, me.’ This whole circumstances that they have created here, is about the Democrat Party regaining — for as long as they can hold onto it next time — their power. Pure and simple, nothing else matters — especially good news out of Iraq. That’s gotta be ignored, spun, changed, whatever.


RUSH: Let me just pose this thought to you, ladies and gentlemen. I predict this here at about 2:47-and-a-half on September 26th of 2007, make a note. If Hillary does become president, you watch how fast the Democrats stop introducing bills to block the war effort. Not only will she not take us out of Iraq, they, the Democrats, will not make serious efforts to do so like they have been. You might have some wacko nutcase like John Conyers throw something up, but I doubt it. I don’t think there would be any, if she becomes president. You just watch. You don’t even need to wait. You know I’m right. You know it and I know it.

I got an e-mail here from the North Carolina mistress. ‘What the hell are you saying??????????’ with one, two, three, four, five, ten question marks, that men allow a good-looking woman to be stupid? I’m thrilled to get that question, because I didn’t know that I had the power to allow somebody to be stupid. I thought they were stupid or not on their own. What kind of control do you have over somebody else’s intelligence? You can have control over their knowledge acquisition and opinions, but men allow a good-looking to be stupid? One of the problems good-looking babes have is they never develop their brains because they don’t have to. They get all this attention without it. Right, Mr. Snerdley? You have firsthand experience with this. Well, they do. It’s not universal. But as to the concept, would men stand aside for a beautiful woman to be stupid? Yes. Some men. There is no question about it.

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