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RUSH: Bob in Voorhees, New Jersey, thank you, sir, for calling. Hello.

CALLER: Hello? Bob McGee, yeah, from New Jersey. Yeah, what I want to talk about was who’s actually responsible for the Iraq war. It’s not — you know, they keep throwing around President Bush, but actually if you go back to the Carter administration and see where he allowed the Shah of Iran to be deposed, and after he was deposed, to fight the Iranians, he empowered the Shah of Iran, which allowed the radical Muslim factions to rise to power and really gave them power that —

RUSH: Wait, wait. I think you misspoke. We got rid of the Shah of Iran. How did we empower the Shah of Iran?

CALLER: Well, we empowered Saddam Hussein.

RUSH: Right. Okay, that’s right.

CALLER: Yeah, the Shah — he was deposed. Yeah. Misspeak there. But it allowed the radical Muslim factions to rise to power that they didn’t have, because under British colonialism, before, you know, in the early 1900s, most of these factions were basically under control and they were very humane. They didn’t have the terrorist attacks that you have today, and one of the sad parts is, a lot of these Arabs and Palestinians aren’t Muslim, they’re actually Christians. And you go into different parts of what we call Israel today, they still call Palestine, there are big factions of Palestinians there that are Christians. And so when people say, you know, Palestinian, they’re labeled, I believe incorrectly. And unfortunately in Islam, if you change your religion to Christianity, you get the death sentence.

RUSH: You get your head lopped off.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I see where you’re going with this. Until Jimmy Carter brought his incompetence to the White House none of this was a problem. The only name you haven’t mentioned, I’m sure you were going to get to there, is the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The vacuum left in Iran after we got rid of the Shah led to Khomeini and that led to the American hostage crisis. The whole Carter presidency was a nightmare, and, of course, where is he today? He ranks with great stature near the top of the Democrat Party. He’s also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, which has discredited the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, it got discredited long before he got it. Yeah, but, see, the modern political element is to blame Bush for everything. The historical record is not relevant because it doesn’t fit the narrative that’s out there now, and that is Bush is creating terrorists because we went to Iraq. By the way, I mentioned this earlier, the Wall Street Journal has a piece by Frederick Kagan that totally dispels the notion, and we’ll link to that, it’s OpinionJournal.com so it’s a free site, and we’ll link to that on the website.

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