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RUSH: We just got a call — this is going to be very interesting. I just heard from H.R., and we got a call from a Reuters reporter. About a half hour ago, the Reuters reporter wanted to know, ‘What is this phony soldiers comment?’ At least he called. At least he called. So H.R. said, ‘Look, I’m in the middle of doing the show now, but you can go to our website, go to RushLimbaugh.com. It’s all there. Transcript, video, everything putting the story straight, it’s all there.’ The Reuters reporter said, ‘I’ll go there,’ and H.R. is going to talk to him after the show. We will see, it’s going to be very interesting to see if he does read the transcript. It’s just eight minutes of video he’s gotta watch to get the whole truth here, if it sinks in. I predict, ‘But he doesn’t deny saying phony soldiers?’ ‘No, of course he doesn’t deny saying phony soldiers. He was talking about a phony soldier. What they’re talking about is, he was talking about uniformed troops that disagree with the war. He was not talking about them. He was talking about a genuine phony soldier. Of course he said ‘phony.” ‘Well, that’s offensive to some people. So I’m going with the story.’

That’s how they think, folks. That’s how they’ll find their grain of truth. We’ll just see, make you a prediction, we won’t know ’til Monday. Well, I will this afternoon. I have no way of telling you, maybe update the website with the information on my prediction, but that’s how it works, ‘So he doesn’t deny saying phony?’ ‘No, no, no, he was talking about a phony soldier, Jesse MacBeth, the picture is up there, too, a total fraud.’ ‘Well, but that term, phony soldier, I can see why people are offended by that.’ This is the mindset.


RUSH: All right, I just found out from H.R. that Norah O’Donnell of PMSNBC called and wanted to find out if Rush is saying that soldiers who were against the war are phony. She was told no. He was talking in the context of soldiers that misrepresent themselves or what they report as having taken place to sway public opinion, like Jesse MacBeth. She wasn’t familiar with that story. Of course, PMSNBC wasn’t familiar with Jesse MacBeth. So she was directed to the website, RushLimbaugh.com. YouTube video, Dittocam video, transcript of everything Rush said. She says, ‘Well, what about these seven soldiers from the 101st Airborne as an example of what Rush was talking about?’

‘We haven’t talked about seven soldiers from the 101st Airborne.’ That’s what Media Matters is saying I was talking about. We haven’t talked about seven soldiers from the 101st Airborne, hadn’t commented on those soldiers and wouldn’t proclaim them as phony anyway. I have never proclaimed a uniformed soldier doing his duty as a phony anything. I have nothing but total respect here.

She said, ‘Well, there are soldiers who are for withdrawal.’

‘Yeah, there are.’

‘So are they phony?’

‘For the second time, no.’ I told you, they’re going to get caught up in this. So she’s been directed to the website, and she’s the second info babe, the second reporter that’s called [and been asked] to go to the website. It will be interesting to see what they learn, what permeates and penetrates the narrative that they have established on this. She thanked H.R. and said, ‘Would Rush ever do an interview with me?’ And H.R. said, ‘Probably not. In general, he doesn’t do interviews with anybody, but it would help to have a large audience.’ (laughing)

Way to go, H.R.


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