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RUSH: I’ll tell you what, I don’t know if there has ever been a heavier day than today, in terms of what’s out there, in terms of things that we need to discuss. So much going on today, folks, and let’s just get started with it. Greetings, Rush Limbaugh, behind the Golden EIB Microphone here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The telephone number if you want to be on the program today, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address is Rush@eibnet.com. A hearty welcome to those of you watching at RushLimbaugh.com on the Dittocam.

All right, here’s what we got coming up. We have a 90-minute interview with Justice Clarence Thomas starting one hour from now. I taped the interview last Wednesday, before the 60 Minutes show aired last night. I don’t know how many of you saw it (speaking to studio staff) — did you see it? Well you probably didn’t think you needed to watch it because you already heard the Justice Thomas interview we did last Wednesday, but it was amazing. It was literally amazing. It’s one of the few times I can recall that 60 Minutes didn’t go out and feature — they had two segments, by the way. It was an expanded 60 Minutes last night. Justice Thomas had two segments and they didn’t go out and talk to any critics. The only critic they had in there was some file footage of Al Sharpton and the bullhorn, the megaphone some years ago. It’s a great discussion coming up, and it does go 90 minutes. I’ll tell you why I’m doing this. He’s such a genuine, decent man, and people don’t know this. They have a better idea of it now, having seen the 60 Minutes interview last night, so that’s why the length of time with Justice Thomas, a friend of mine, and I just want people to be able to hear him and get to know, as people who know him and love him do.

Also, the stock market, over 14,000 today, despite the credit crunch stories coming out of UBS and Citibank. We need to put a suicide watch out on the Democrats, ladies and gentlemen. This is not supposed to happen. The stock market’s not supposed to be doing this well. Also today is October 1st. This is the day that the new fiscal year begins, so there’s some kind of a budget deadline going on here.

Remember that 12-year-old boy that asked President Bush at a press conference not long ago, ‘I don’t have any health insurance. Why don’t I have any health insurance?’ The Democrats had that 12-year-old boy do their Saturday radio address, and this is a pure stunt. We know a little bit about who this little boy is and his family, and they are not poor. They are not poor. (interruption) Well, yes, I did hear it, Mr. Snerdley. It’s nothing more than a typical Democrat stunt. So we’ll get to that. The Clintons, the other Clinton was on TV this weekend. Which one’s ‘the other one’? I’ll tell you what, Bill Clinton is out there, he said that he hopes there’s a bunch of Jack Bauers out there doing terrorist acts and torture and this kind of stuff. He actually said that.

Also, there’s a little problem brewing in New York for Mrs. Clinton. For example, sure winners in New York do not win. Look at the New York Mets. They had a seven-game lead with 17 games to go, they lost 13 of the last 17 playing the worst teams in the league at home, and some of them on the road as well, and they lost. It’s the first time they hadn’t been in first place in 282 days or something, whatever the number is, it was a long, long time, and they just totally blew it. This is leading people to suspect, ‘Hmm, surefire bets in New York may not always win.’ We’ve got a Frank Rich column from the New York Times yesterday, ‘Is Hillary Clinton the new old Algore?’ worried about, ‘Hey, I don’t like this conventional wisdom.’ It’s the same thing I’ve been telling you, I don’t like this conventional wisdom that says she has it all locked up. We thought that about Algore, too. Algore ended up going south.

The Politico, more Hillary worries, this one more accurately describes Frank Rich’s imagery of the new old Algore. The way The Politico describes it is she is so infused with ambition and artifice that she cannot connect to voters. This is another way of saying what I’ve always said, that is that she just feels entitled to it and I’m sure that in the Clinton camp, going through this campaign is an insult, it’s a waste of time. ‘Why should we have to do this? Why doesn’t the country just bow down and accept me because they know I’m the next president, they know they love me, and they know they want me.’ Rich even talks about the laugh. The New York Times did a whole long piece on Hillary’s laugh, trying to sugarcoat it to make it sound human. We all know what the laugh’s about. That laugh is a signal to whoever asks her a question she doesn’t want to hear, ‘your testicles could end up in my lockbox if you keep persisting in this way.’

We have a postmortem, I think it’s a postmortem, on this whole phony soldier thing. There hasn’t been any news made on it since Friday. I don’t know what the House is going to do, House Democrats with their resolution castigating and condemning me. I don’t think the House goes into session ’til two o’clock this afternoon. I haven’t heard anything about it since it was first mentioned as something — Mark Udall from Colorado is the guy who wanted to do this, and I think we can sit and hope that they do. (laughing) We can sit around and pray that they do, but they may have come to their senses on this. Newt Gingrich is not running, and it was a last-minute decision and it’s because he has this group called American Solutions, and because of McCain-Feingold, he found out he couldn’t use any of the money it had raised for his presidential campaign, that would have been illegal, so he made the decision to opt out of the presidential race, which means that this American Solutions idea of his is serious. If he really wanted to run, he would have dumped American Solutions and gone about running for president, but this is obviously what he cares about.

The Christian right claims that they’re so distressed with Rudy Giuliani, the presumed Republican front-runner because of his abortion stance, they’re thinking about supporting a third-party candidate out there. They’re just not happy with anybody in the field. Rudy is a convenient excuse for them to go third party. We will talk about that as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears today.

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