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RUSH: Cybercast News Service interviewed Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat from Nebraska, about the phony soldier thing, and this is what Ben Nelson said:

NELSON: What we’ve got into right now is a situation where MoveOn.org was hammered by the other side, so it’s not surprising that now you’ve got a sort of the return of that in the case of Limbaugh. Quite honestly, I don’t get involved in those unless it’s about me, and I consider talk radio entertainment as well as news, and so I just don’t pay much attention to it.

RUSH: It’s not about him. He doesn’t care. Here is Daniel Akaka from Hawaii saying we don’t need legislation aimed at Rush Limbaugh.

AKAKA: Well, I feel that any citizen has a vote — a right to voice their opinion (chuckles), you know, on anything they want, anything they want to do, and I think Limbaugh, although I don’t agree with him on many things, has a right to say what he says, and I don’t think we need to do legislation to get at him.

RUSH: That’s Senator Daniel Akaka. I always enjoyed pronouncing his name. He’s always first on the roll call. ‘Senator Akaka!’ they say. By the way, Senator Akaka, I love going to your state. It’s a beautiful state.

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