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“Hillary Clinton ought to be asked about these documents at every speaking engagement, every campaign stop, every press event.”
“You just heard a professional broadcaster suppress a belch. Most highly trained specialists do not have that talent, folks, and you would have heard the belch. I have the skill, experience, to be able to do this and to roll right on.”
“We have had five calls in the last few minutes from truckers complaining that the Donald and I are disparaging truckers by assuming Rosie O’Donnell is one and that they expect better. They have a point. They have a point. You know, I don’t often apologize for things and I cannot apologize for Trump, but I occasion I will apologize. I hadn’t even thought of that.”
“There’s no white and black anymore. It’s a whole bunch of nuanced gray out there, and since everybody is a sinner and since everybody is imperfect, then nobody can pass judgment on anybody.”
“When I moved to New York in 1988, I had a goal. I wanted to be the most listened to guy on the radio. Really! I didn’t want it ‘said’ that I was. I wanted it to BE.”
“So let me see now if I understand this. Illegals don’t exactly take ‘the jobs Americans won’t do;’ it seems like illegals take the jobs American companies won’t offer to Americans.”
“Felons can work at social services; they can drive your kids’ school bus, but they cannot work at a chicken slaughterhouse!”
“This is very, very purposeful to release the Sandy Berger story this week. Most of the ‘big-name news talents’ are on vacation already. That’s why if you watched the president’s press conference yesterday, the reporters he called on, half of them I’ve never seen. They’re the scrubs. They’re the backups, because all the big guns are gone.”
“I’ve got story after story here about how rotten things are at Christmas, how angry people are, and it’s just amazing. It is a great illustration of where the Drive-By Media is and the chaos they are continuing to try to create out there.”
“There’s nothing personal about taking this woman’s house away from her through eminent domain? No! ‘Your home is ours, Limbaugh. We’re making way here for a new casino. Your property taxes are big, but we can get more from bigger people. But don’t take it personally, Limbaugh.’ No, of course I wouldn’t! Of course not! Why would anybody take it personally?”

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