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RUSH: I need to thank a couple more people. This is yesterday morning on the House floor during one-minute speeches, Representative Joe Wilson, Republican, South Carolina.

WILSON: In conclusion, God bless our troops, and we’ll never forget September the 11th. Thank goodness for Rush Limbaugh, who supports our troops.

RUSH: And this is Representative Doug Lamborn, who is a Republican from Colorado, yesterday morning during his one-minute speech on the floor of the House.

LAMBORN: Mr. Speaker, I rise today to denounce the liberals’ fraudulent attacks on Rush Limbaugh. Anyone who reads the widely available transcript, as I have done, sees that Mr. Limbaugh was appropriately referring to the pretenders who pose as medal winners, or who falsely claim to have committed atrocities in Iraq, when he used the phrase ‘phony soldiers.’ No, the real scandal here is that liberals in America and here in this Congress are willing to manipulate facts to smear those they disagree with. But there’s an even more insidious agenda by liberals going on, and that is to reinstitute the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which is actually a way to silence conservatives on the radio waves. Mr. Limbaugh deserves mega kudos for being a forceful and effective voice on the side of common sense and for being an example of the First Amendment in action. After all, isn’t that what our country is supposed to be about?

RUSH: It is, exactly what it’s supposed to be about. There are those attempting to get rid of that little problem of having to listen to opposing viewpoints that embarrass them because the opposing viewpoints happen to be right. So thanks again to Joe Wilson, Republican, South Carolina, and Doug Lamborn, a Republican from Colorado. I appreciate both of you gentlemen rising to the House floor to combat this smear.

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