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RUSH: I think that some in the Drive-By Media are now starting a new push on Mrs. Clinton. Here’s a headline in the Boston Globe today: ‘Many Warming Unexpectedly to Clinton — Don Schwartz, who describes himself as ‘a super-Deaniac progressive type,’ decided to back Hillary Clinton — whose centrist views, he concedes, do not necessarily match his own — for a simple reason. He wanted, finally, to be with a winner. When Schwartz, the vice chairman of the Londonderry Democratic Committee, started to contact his neighbors, with a goal of reaching 100 people per week, he thought he would have to appeal to their respect for her rather than their affection. ‘I was actually surprised how many people said they were for Hillary,’ Schwartz said. ‘Now, they’re getting to know her, and they’re starting to like her. She is a nice person!” Wha…? They get as a source here the vice-chairman of the Londonderry Democrat Committee, who’s talking to a hundred people he’s calling, and he’s telling the Boston Globe how surprised he is that people are starting to like Hillary? Drudge has a great picture accompanying this story on his website. It’s Hillary wearing a witch hat with a black dress or something on. It’s just a great, great picture.

What a put-up job. What an amazing source for the Boston Globe, the Londonderry Democrat Committee vice-chair, who now says he’s stunned at how many people actually are warming up to Hillary. You know, it’s a national trend. We’re going to be seeing this. This story will be echoed throughout the Drive-By Media in due course, and the reason for it is that just the opposite’s true. (Laughing.) She’s not making it. She just had this snappy kerfuffle with a voter in Iowa, where she basically accused him of being a setup and a plant. It was quite testy because she got a question she didn’t want to deal with or didn’t want to have to answer. So right on the heels of that, we get a story: ‘Many Warming Unexpectedly to Clinton.’ This is what I was talking about. People are outraged at the media. This is not journalism. This is advocacy disguised as journalism. If they told us, if they just put a little box, ‘This reporter plans on voting for Hillary, has voted Democrat, is doing everything she can to get Hillary elected…’ (Yep, it’s a female reporter. Well, maybe. It’s ‘Sasha.’ It could be a guy.) If they told us the reporter is doing everything possible to get her elected, then, fine. The story would be cool.

But that’s not what they say. They hide behind this pretense. So we’ve got a coordinated campaign now to tell people — just as there was a coordinated campaign to tell people they were against the war, now there’s a coordinated campaign to tell people — that Hillary is well-liked and is likable, and it’s a shock, and it’s a surprise. Why, is this a put-up job? Her negatives are at 49%. If I did run for president I think my negatives would be lower than hers. There’s never been anybody run for president with 49% negatives, and she’s got ’em. So the Drive-Bys have to circle the wagons here and do stories that create an end result. The way they hope this works is, it’s sort of like the way they report economic news. ‘It’s really, really bad out there,’ but individuals say, ‘Ah, I’m doing great, but it must be bad, because everybody says it’s bad. So my neighbor must be hurting, but I don’t want to hurt them. I don’t want to do too well when my neighbor is doing so bad. So I won’t say I’m doing too well.’ So you create this whole myth that the economy is not well and people are not happy and that they’re miserable.

In fact, there’s a story here where Hillary is out there saying that people are one pink slip away from the homeless soup line. The middle class is one away. I have it here. I’ll get to it. So the whole notion of presenting a negative picture is here. They did it on the war. There were not massive public opinion polls supporting defeat and supporting losing and supporting getting out of Iraq in a mess. But they went out with four years of incessant coverage and created that mind-set, or they tried to, in the minds of the American people. But in truth they didn’t succeed, because had they succeeded, and there were that many Americans who wanted us out of Iraq now, then they would have been able to pass at least one of the 55 resolutions in the House and Senate that they failed to pass. But now they’re trying to gin up another myth about Mrs. Clinton, a couple days, three days after she has this blowup with an average, ordinary voter. Those things in this story that I laughed about, Don Schwartz says that Hillary’s ‘centrist views do not necessarily match his own,’ and that’s just after he’s described himself a super-Deaniac progressive. What is centrist about Howard Dean? What’s centrist about Hillary Clinton? Absolutely zilch, zero, nada. These people lie to themselves like I have never seen.

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