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“When you want to leave before the job’s done, whether it’s a war or the assignment you have at whatever job you have, when you quit, there’s nothing valorous about it.”
“The Democrats have no power to stop this war unless they defund it, and as Ronaldus Magnus said: ‘Go ahead, make my day. Defund it, Democrats.'”
“One of my biggest problems, folks, is that I sometimes end up mired in logic in a country where logic is deemed offensive. You can really offend somebody by being logical.”
“On many days I am embarrassed to admit that I am a baby boomer.”
“Rosie O’Donnell said that she had letters and comments from hundreds of obese women who said they were personally damaged by Trump calling her a slob. That just is BS.”
“You liberals couldn’t do one thing in your life George Bush has done. You couldn’t put up with one day of the abuse George Bush gets from people like you. You couldn’t deal with the stress and the pressure of doing that job.”
“You Republicans… Someday (I hope it’s my lifetime) you are going to learn that no matter what you say to try to curry favor with Democrats, it will not matter. They will lie and twist and misrepresent what you’ve said to fit their own interests — and they will not be called on it.”
“I’ve witnessed a bunch of bad parents and I’ve seen good ones. I’ve talked about some of the greatest parents that I’ve ever seen during the course of this program and I’ll tell you something — not one of them did ‘time-outs.'”
“If kids are an interruption in your life, don’t have any! It’s just that simple.”
“You are a regular listener to this program, and you know I’m anything but a ‘lamebrain.’ You know that I am qualified for Mensa.”

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