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RUSH: Hey, Henry? Somebody flag the tape. Well, Henry Waxman’s staff is monitoring the program. I want to clue them in when I play items they might find to be ‘irregular’ or worthy of harassing me over. I just want to point ’em right to it. Hey, Henry! There’s going to be the new… Hey, Henry, listen to this. This is out of Chicago Tribune. ‘Debate on Troop Withdrawals on Hold — Congressional Democrats have put on the back burner legislation ordering troops home from Iraq and turned their attention to war-related proposals that Republicans are finding hard to reject. The legislative agenda marks a dramatic shift for party leaders who vowed repeated votes to end combat and predicted Republicans would eventually join them. But with Democrats still lacking enough votes to bring troops home, the party runs the risk of concluding its first year in control of Congress with little to show…’ This has been one of the most disastrous — Henry, listen to this. This has been one of the most disastrous ten months for a speaker of the House in the history of speakers of the House. The only thing of note that this House of Representatives has accomplished is the lowest approval ratings in I don’t know how long.

Did you get that, Henry? Henry’s staff? Henry, there’s something else you might want to know. (This is Henry Waxman, I’m talking to.) You might want to be warned of this. The more liberals are exposed to this program, such as your crack investigative staff, the more likely they are to question their own beliefs. We’ve turned many to the right side, away from the dark side, and you run the risk of having this happen to your committed staff of investigators. So I just want to warn you, just to protect your base, if you will. Here are the 11 items in Algore’s movie, ladies and gentlemen. By the way, I predicted this. This Iraq thing is going to be off the table very soon. It’s off the table, and there’s a quote here from John Tanner, ‘conservative’ Democrat from Tennessee, ‘We can no longer approach the discussion on Iraq as a partisan issue.’ Really? I wonder why? (whispering) Do I know these people? Do I know these people? I knew this was going to happen. They’re not going to saddle themselves with defeat. Plus, have you noticed there aren’t any pictures on television at night anymore of burning cars and bombs exploding? It’s because it’s not happening! It’s because the progress over there is amazing.

I’ve got a piece in the stack later on today from a guy at the American Thinker who says we’re on the verge of victory and that that brings its own perils. It’s a fascinating piece. He goes back and uses an analogy to the Battle of the Bulge, to say what we’ve gotta be vigilant for here, because victory in Iraq is — the insurgents cannot, the terrorists cannot simply allow the world to see them defeated, so they’ll strike back somewhere, and they’ll go for the softest spot they can — and the theory is that the United States, with our border insecurity and people that may be part of cells already in the country present, perhaps, the softest spot that they could hit, so it’s something we need to be vigilant about. I’ll give you all the details of it because it’s fascinating.

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