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RUSH: I haven’t talked about this on the radio, I don’t think. I mentioned this last night in Philadelphia. The National Enquirer has this story out there that the Breck Girl’s having an affair. Yeah, and the media is not touching it. The media is not touching the story. The Breck Girl… They’ve got a picture. The Enquirer story doesn’t have it, but some left-wing blogs are really trying to push this into the mainstream media, and I told the audience in Philadelphia last night — the Breck Girl is denying it; the Breck Girl is out there denying it. I said, ‘Why? This is a résumé enhancement for Democrats. I kid you not, especially for the Breck Girl. You are called ‘the Breck Girl’ for a reason.’ If the word leaked out that he’s actually having an affair… I know, his wife’s got cancer and so forth, but we’re talking Democrats here. We’re talking Democrats. This is a résumé enhancement. Anyway, he’s denying it all. The interesting thing about it is, guess who owns the Enquirer? Guess who’s the new owner of the Enquirer? Roger Altman, the first deputy Treasury secretary for Bill Clinton. The Clintons are buying up the tabloids. (laughing) They are. Ron Burkle, one of Clinton’s buddies, is trying to buy up all the tabloids. Well, you gotta control the intern news somehow. Plus, you can smear your opponents if you own the publication.

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