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RUSH: There is an important news item today, and I want to discuss it, but I run the risk of losing my temper doing so, because it makes me angry. You know, I choose to discuss the news rationally, ladies and gentlemen, not emotionally. This is going to be very difficult to go through and not be emotional, because I don’t want lose my cool. I don’t want to run the risk of offending you with profanity or tossing around words like ‘treachery’ or ‘treason.’ Briefly, the story — the mindless, the vicious story — is about the Democrats in Congress and their latest scheme to secure defeat in Iraq and in the war on terror, and, in the process of securing defeat, they are attempting to screw up our attempts to pacify the Middle East. At this very moment in time, at this period of international sensitivity, the left in this country is obsessed with denouncing Turkey for genocide against the Armenians 100-odd years ago. Why now? Similar resolutions were passed in 1975 and 1984. Why now?

Turkey is allowing the passage of much of our supplies and over-flights into Iraq. Why now? Turkey can either help stabilize or destabilize the Kurdish area in northern Iraq. Why are they doing this now? The president and eight former secretaries of state are asking, they are pleading with Congress, to stop this. I’m starting to lose my cool on this. This is obvious. I keep asking the question, ‘Why?’ This is their way to secure defeat and stop the war. If they can’t stop the war themselves with their own votes, with their own lack of guts to de-fund the effort in Iraq, they will trash one of our best and most needed allies, as close as we’re gonna get as a moderate Muslim regime that is an ally to the United States of America without whose help we could not be securing victory in Iraq. These people in the Democrat Party on Capitol Hill continue to explore and discover new depths of plain depravity. What the hell business is it of theirs to be declaring this now, when there have been already been two resolutions about the same thing that have passed in previous years. Turkey is a key supply route to US troops in Iraq, has recalled its ambassador to Washington. They did so yesterday.

‘It has warned of serious repercussions if Congress labels the killing of Armenians by Turks 100 years ago as genocide. This has been ordered after a House committee endorsed the genocide measure. The summons of the ambassador for consultations was a further sign of the deteriorating relations between two long-time allies and the potential for new turmoil in an already troubled region which is just now,’ beginning to show some amazing success. The Sunnis and the Shi’a are joining together, and they are rejecting Al-Qaeda. I say this next, purposefully and intentionally. I mentioned this on many occasions previous. The one thing politically that the Democrat Party cannot afford, because of positions it has previously taken, is victory in Iraq. They cannot allow that to happen, because they own defeat, and they have already pronounced the war over. They have already said, ‘We can’t win.’ They have done their best to secure that in the minds of as many people as possible, including our brave and courageous uniformed personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. As you and I both know, they have done everything they can to engage in efforts to demoralize them, to impugn them, to criticize them — and, now, when unable to enforce votes, or not with the courage to de-fund it, they now take this step, purposely attempting to split an ally away from their country, the United States of America, so as to see to it that the Bush administration does not secure a positive result in Iraq when we are on the verge of securing that nation with a victory.

That presents its own problems, as I mentioned yesterday, with the help of J. R. Dunn from the American Thinker. But this is unconscionable. It is difficult for me, ladies and gentlemen, to catalog all of these destructive efforts that the Democrat Party, the leadership in both houses of Congress, have engaged in, and put one at the top as worse than any of the others. I don’t know how I draw comparisons between their attempts at impugning military personnel, attempt to secure defeat, calling our troops murderers, rapists, and thugs, false accusations, not apologizing for it, or — now this — forcing the Turks to withdraw their ambassador to the United States, because they want to pass a resolution condemning Turkey for a slaughter of Armenians, genocide, a hundred years ago. It is nothing but pure politics. They are trying to anger the Turks. They want the Turkish government to withdraw the ambassador. They want a split in the allies here, they want Turkey to not allow us to use their state, their country to get supplies and other equipment into Iraq so as to hamper the effort. If anybody ever had any doubts that the Democrats are about defeat and losing for their country and for their military, this story ought to leave zero doubt.


RUSH: Robert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hi, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, sir, and major dittos from Algor-baquerque, New Mexico. I’m a longtime listener, first-time caller, Armenian-American, and I could not agree with you more how poor the timing is.

RUSH: Poor? That’s not the word for it. This is purposeful. There have already been two resolutions passed on this. The most recent one in 1984. This is gratuitous. The timing of this is not accidental. It’s not unfortunate. By the way, this has nothing to do with respecting Armenians. It’s already been done. This is strictly to embarrass the Turkish government and to cause them to split with us as an ally. It’s beyond me to, with polite language, express my irritation and anger over this.

CALLER: Absolutely, and I share the same sentiment and I just wanted to pass that on to you and the whole conservative part of America.

RUSH: Well, let me ask you — you’re of Armenian descent — you ask yourself before you thought about this, ‘Why? What is this? What’s going on now that would require this kind of resolution?’

CALLER: Exactly. I told myself of how proud I am to be an Armenian-American, but in the same breath, I am just blown away by how low the Democrats have to stoop —

RUSH: Yeah, exactly right.

CALLER: — to bring it to the surface.

RUSH: Learn them, love them — Well… Learn ’em and live them. This is who they are, and one of the great things about their telling us all in plain language, they’re not hiding behind as many masks or as much camouflage anymore. This can only be of assistance and be helpful. It’s hard, really, as I just said to this guy. It’s difficult for me to stay polite in discussing this. I have a lot of Armenian friends, and this is pandering. This is pure pandering, and it is insulting, and they are being used. Our old buddy Scott Ott, who does the ScrappleFace website, I’m going to have to paraphrase, he said what the Republicans — in his own way — he said the Republicans are going to offer a resolution condemning the Roman Empire for the death, destruction, and genocide during their reign, the bloodletting and so on. It makes as much sense as this does.


RUSH: I am still sitting here fuming over what the Democrats in Congress are going to do with this resolution condemning Turkey, modern-day Turkey, for the genocide of Armenians over a hundred years ago. These are the people, these are the Democrats who claim to be so worried about our image in the world. They say they’re so concerned what the world thinks of us. What the hell is Turkey, an ally, going to think of us, having pulled their ambassador? I’m still fuming over this. It’s a gutless, cowardly way to try to secure defeat because they are scared to death we’re on the verge of being able to say, ‘We are going to win this.’ There’s too much happening over there that’s good for the country, that’s bad for them. The Sunnis and the Shi’a are getting together, rising up against Al-Qaeda. The surge is working. Al-Qaeda is fleeing. They’ve been disbanded. They’re just a bunch of renegades, engaged in little actions here and there. The Iraqis are rising up against these people. They’re fed up with it. They’re so invested in defeat, and defeat is so — or the continued illusion that we’re losing — is so politically important to them that they have to now pull this stunt. Pelosi is going to bring this to the floor for a vote. Let ’em do it. Like I told the people in Philadelphia last night, they do not know — because they get puff piece coverage from the media, they do not know — how they are coming across to average Americans.

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