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RUSH: Lee in Chicago, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just got an e-mail from MoveOn.org that said that they want me to start a candlelight vigil for the SCHIP program.

RUSH: Really? Where?

CALLER: Well, in Chicago. They send around to everybody, but, you know, I’m a conservative, and I subscribe to all the left-wing stuff just to find out what they do because I write for a conservative blog and such, but it’s just ridiculous how they’re just blatantly lying to their constituents.

RUSH: Well, it’s MoveOn.org: It’s George Soros. It’s MoveOn.org: It’s the Clintons. What do you expect, lying?

CALLER: Well, of course, I expect that, but I mean they’re saying that you Swift-Boated a 12-year-old in this e-mail. It’s just getting to be obnoxious.

RUSH: Yeah, I know. The same thing with this smear of me. It was almost surreal. These people are living in an alternative universe. We’ve got two sets of realities here. But the problem is, for people like you and me, a reality is reality. They are fabricating a reality. They are living a lie, trying to make it true, and, in the process, they start to believe their own lies. This is called sociopath, and it’s what they are. We all make the mistake, if we try to analyze and react to this rationale, we can’t — I don’t know about you, I’m pretty confident — you don’t want your side to prevail, and the blog you write on, you don’t want people to read it, and agree with it, and like it because it’s filled with lies. You want it to be truthful, and you want people to be on your side because they understand the truth. These people are just the exact opposite. They’re trying to create as many falsehoods and lies as possible because the secret is liberalism cannot survive unless it owns the monopoly on the dissemination of information. It’s just that simple.

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