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RUSH: This is Dave in Kent, Ohio. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Hey, calling from Kent, Ohio. I had nothing to do with Dennis Kucinich. Rush, I’m home this afternoon, I’m thumbing through my son’s — he’s a 12th grader — American Government: Continuity and Change government book. It’s a 2002, but publisher is Longman, Incorporated. And there’s a chapter on the news media, and a specific chapter on the question of bias. And I just wanted to read you, ‘Conservative bias exists in the media as well.’

RUSH: Wait, is this —

CALLER: American government book.

RUSH: American government.

CALLER: You know, 12th grader.

RUSH: Twelfth grader, so a senior in haskrool. Was published in 2002?

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: Chapter on media bias?

CALLER: Well, the news media, but the question of bias. They mention the liberal bias, but they specifically say conservative bias exists in the media as well, as exemplified, and they mention you, Rush Limbaugh, ‘these radio hosts are the political equivalent of shock jocks. They strive for controversy and attack liberals,’ and in parentheses, ‘especially the Clinton family and administration, with ferocious and inflammatory rhetoric.’ (laughing)

RUSH: The Clintons are the ones that tried to blame me for the Oklahoma City bombing! Inflammatory rhetoric?

CALLER: I had to chuckle.

RUSH: Well, this shouldn’t surprise you, it certainly doesn’t surprise me. It’s liberals writing these books. I get into arguments all the time with liberals about the public school system and how they’re just little indoctrination centers now. This is a classic example. Has your son read the passage you’re just thumbing through?

CALLER: He hasn’t gotten to that part yet.

RUSH: Well, this will be interesting.

CALLER: Rush, I appreciate your taking my call. I had a quick question for you.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: A little bit of education from you to me and your audience. Who or what is the Associated Press? And I’ll leave you go.

RUSH: Who or what is the Associated Press?

CALLER: The Associated Press, the organization.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s a bunch of liberals that disguise themselves as journalists and reporters. They’ve got notepads and they’ve got microphones and cameras, because they’ve got audio and they’ve got video. They put their liberalism in the guise of news stories on what’s called the Associated Press wire. Newspapers and radio stations buy the service provided by these liberals. They’re the most widely distributed liberal group in the media. They’re just a bunch of liberals disguised as a news organization, and they serve television stations, radio stations, and newspapers as well.

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