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RUSH: Vanika in Magnolia, Texas. Hi. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Maha. I’m from Magnolia Texas and, since you’re being charitable today, can I plug a volunteer group that I work for? Well, I don’t work.

RUSH: Uhhh, okay.

CALLER: Well, we advocate for and support those affected by congenital heart defects, It’s My Heart. But I want to tie-in something really funny, now that you know I’ve been affected by congenital heart disease. My daughter underwent open heart surgery at a few months of age. My husband and I find humor wherever we can find it and we were watching South Park on Wednesday. I lamented to my husband that I wished you watched it, because these guys craft story lines that are so full of irony, and they demonstrate absurdity by being absurd on a level that you can appreciate. The gist of this episode was a gentleman had been constipated because he had been eating P.F. Chang’s for a couple weeks, and, when he got a prescription, and I know this is kind of crass, but I’ll get to the point, which is really humorous —

RUSH: I’ve heard that before.

CALLER: Involves the Drive-By Media and an activist on par with Algore. But he eliminates a size of excrement so big that he calls his wife in and his friends in, they call the Guinness book —

RUSH: Snerdley, did she tell you she was going to mention this?

CALLER: Yes, yes.

RUSH: What in the world!

CALLER: No, no, no, listen —

RUSH: I don’t care. The size of excrement, I don’t care if it’s on South Park, is not on Open Line Friday — be quiet out there for a minute, Vanika. What you have just done to this program, I can’t believe what we’re discussing here. We’ve become Lenny Bruce. Let me cut to the chase. I have watched South Park in the past, but I haven’t watched it regularly. I do have a pinball machine, a South Park pinball machine. Yeah, it’s up in the game room and it’s got the South Park characters on there, and they whine and moan, go crazy, little Kenny and so forth, when you score certain numbers of points. I know of this episode. I’ve heard of this episode. Look, I watched Team America: World Police, and that is hilarious except they ruined it with putting such a scene in it. It was totally unnecessary, it was gross; it was uncalled for. Well, it was one of the best animated films ever, Team America: World Police, but I’m not even going to tell you what it was, violate my own rule. Here we are discussing the size of excrement on a cartoon show in the context of congenital heart disease. Oh, come on, don’t — now, wait a second. (laughing) See, this is why you guys do not have microphones and so forth. Look, Vanika, I really appreciate your call. I’m glad that you made it. It’s not your fault. Snerdley, you’re facing a suspension.

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