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RUSH: This is Chip in Bartow, Florida. Hi, Chip, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Longtime listener, first-time caller.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: It’s a great honor to talk to you, sir.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: All right, my question is this. Now that Condi is over there with the peace conference in the Middle East, what advice would you give her vis-à-vis how to help our cause there using Turkey as essentially a sort of template, if you will, prior to this congressional brouhaha that they are causing and such?

RUSH: You’re asking me what I would advise Condoleezza Rice to do in using the Turkey situation and talking to these people in the Middle East about peace?

CALLER: Well, I think, given that Turkey has been our ally for 50-plus years or something like that, and they’re a Muslim country, how would she use our relationship with them prior to this brouhaha —

RUSH: Well, you can’t compare Turkey to Hamas or the Fatah bunch or whatever the factions over there, the Hezbollah. Turkey is a moderate Muslim regime. They have been an ally. This whole concept of Middle East peace, we’ve discussed this on this program countless times. Peace only results from victory. Peace is the aftermath of victory. You do not negotiate peace until you’ve kicked somebody’s rear end and you get terms of surrender from them. Until that happens, this whole notion of Middle East peace — you know, what I would do — and, of course, I’m not a diplomat. If I were Condoleezza Rice, I would remind these people, ‘You remember not long ago that the Syrians were building a little nuclear reactor, and the Israelis found out about it, and they flew in and out, destroyed the reactor, and the Syrians didn’t even know it had happened ’til after the bombs exploded.’

Now, they thought they had the best radar and detection equipment bought by the Russians, and it didn’t detect Israeli war planes. If you people think that Israel is not committed to its own survival and peace, then you’d better think again. Lebanon is hanging in the balance. I just think this whole Mideast peace thing is just — how many years have we been doing this with no peace? How many years of diplomacy? How many years of negotiations? But to compare Turkey with Hamas, Hezbollah, and so forth, I don’t think the comparison flies. Besides that, Pelosi has gone out, she’s tried to make friends with the Syrians. Pelosi has been trying to undercut the United States in that region for the last year.

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